Facts About Endangered Animals

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The role of animals in a perfect ecosystem to maintain the beauty of nature is not ignorable. However, a large number of animal species are threatened and facing a high risk of extinction due to the cruelty of human beings. Here is the collection of very informative facts about endangered animals:

Fact 1: According to the ICUN Red List, the term ‘œendangered animals’ is such a category of ‘œthreatened species’ which is also called the second high-risk category.

Fact 2: The category of ‘œEndangered Animals’ includes the animals facing extreme threats to their lives after the animals in the category ‘œCritically Endangered Animals.’

Fact 3: Presently, the number of endangered animals is exactly 3,079, while the count of endangered plant species is 2,655.

Fact 4: The famous endangered animals are: Giant Panda, Asian Elephant, Dhole, Blue Whale, Snow Leopard, and Markhor.

Fact 5: No doubt, the human being is the biggest threat to the lives of animals, but there are still some people who try to keep the ecosystem complete and maintain the beauty of nature by protecting the endangered animals.

Fact 6: The first global effort to save endangered animals came to the forefront of people during the year 1961 in the form of the WWF (World Wildlife Federation).

Fact 7: The logo of WWF is the Giant Panda which is at the top of the list among all endangered animals.

Fact 8: The largest working factors behind expanding the list of endangered animals are over-hunting and habitat destruction for the need of wood.

Fact 9: Climatic conditions, especially global warming, are also very considerable factors behind most  animals rising to extinction level.

Fact 10: There are many efforts carried out by various organizations to save the endangered animals. Captive breeding and private farming are the most important and workable conservation strategies to remove the animals from the endangered list.

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