Facts About Elements

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All things that surround people are basically composed of elements. The air in the atmosphere and the soil in the ground for example are abundant with various elements. There are also elements that are found combined with other substances and only through a chemical process can they be isolated.  Some elements also have very distinct properties making them ideal for various uses or purposes. The following are some interesting facts about various elements:

Fact 1:  Hydrogen is highly flammable.  This element may be a component of water along with Oxygen, but it can actually cause fire when isolated.  Hydrogen is also the most abundant element that can be found in the Earth and the entire universe.  Handling it is often exercised with caution for safety considerations.

Fact 2:  Magnesium is the element responsible for the regulation and maintenance of normal heart rhythm.  Aside from its other functions like boosting the immune system and regulation of blood sugar levels, Magnesium is actually essential in promoting normal functioning of the heart.

Fact 3:  Krypton is a true element. Many people may be familiar with Krypton or kryptonite because of Superman, but Krypton is a real but rare element that is often used in projects that aim to reduce energy wastage. As with the Superman movies, the element Krypton can be found in bright green color with some having an orange hue.

Fact 4:  Curium is a highly radioactive element that can be found glowing in the dark.  This element can be produced by bombarding Helium to Plutonium, another radioactive element.  Curium is also a rare element and most of it can only be found in laboratories for experimental purposes.

Fact 5:  Gold is a very unique element because it does not undergo corrosion.  It basically keeps its properties like its shine and strength but does not react to other elements or metals in such a way that it does not corrode.  This property makes Gold an ideal element for making jewelry.

Fact 6:  Most of the Earth’s core is made of the element Iron.  Iron is an abundant element which is typically used to create steel and related materials.  Its strength is sought after making it an ideal element in the construction industry.

Fact 7:  Alkali metals like sodium and potassium can actually explode in the presence of water. This is simply due to the fact that this element group is highly-reactive when combined with other elements and substances like water which is composed of 2 Hydrogen atoms, and 1 Oxygen atom.

Fact 8:  Bronze is composed of mostly copper.  Bronze is not a pure element in itself but rather an alloy of copper and tin. Copper takes about 90-95% of the bronze component and Tin the remainder.

Fact 9:  Helium is the air found in balloons. Being lighter than normal air, Helium is the gas of choice when inflating balloons and other similar objects.

 Fact 10:  Diamonds are related to other elements like coal and graphite. When purified, the elements become diamonds.  In its impure form or in a different allotrope, the element produced either becomes graphite or black coal.

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