Facts About El Salvador

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The article talks about El Salvador and important and interesting events that happen in the country. Some of the facts stated by this article pertain to safety and nature of the streets and government of
El Salvador.

Fact 1. El Salvador’s government is a democracy. It’s government is led by a President and a Legislative Assembly of 84 members unicameral.

Fact 2. There are many conservative military members in the government in El Salvador. They even created certain Republican Alliance parties that are Nationalists in nature called the ARENA.  ARENA is very popular among farmers and good, private sectors.

Fact 3. El Salvador played a very big role during the Free Trade Agreement negotiations for the Americans.

Fact 4. El Salvador suffered from civil war for 12 years because of violations of human rights by the security forces of the government and guerilla soldiers of the left wing. The United Nations had to intervene by investigating El Salvador in certain cases for brutality and war crimes. By 1991, there were many murders occurring including murders of Jesuits and U.S. servicemen.

Fact 5. Because of the horrors of the 12-year civil war in El Salvador, the government created a new form of rule where the military was to be withdrawn from scenarios involving politics and the economy. Presently, this rule has made El Salvador a well-respected institution that takes into account professionalism.

Fact 6. After the 12-year civil war, at least 35,000 guerilla soldiers who had their fight in the war were given land, agricultural credits, and many benefits.

Fact 7. El Salvador has very good relationships with American states and markets. It is also a member of the United Nations and was the chair of anti-terrorism projects since 2002 and 2003.

Fact 8. El Salvador has friendly trade and diplomatic relationships with its neighboring countries.

Fact 9. El Salvador and Honduras recently had disputes regarding territories and border problems.

Fact 10. El Salvador’s exports include: textiles, sugar, shrimp, coffee, footwear, and medicine.

Fact 11. There are many gangs in El Salvador. Gang members sometimes roam in the daytime and nighttime to steal something or engage in various acts of violence.

Fact 12. U.S. citizens should be careful when traveling in El Salvador as there are many gangs who conduct big criminal operations such as kidnapping for ransom and extortions. The embassy of
El Salvador states that riding  in a minibus or a regular bus can be dangerous. Also watch out for non-radio-dispatched taxis.

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