Facts about Ekaterinburg

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Ekaterinburg is largely known as the fourth biggest city in Russia, situated at the meeting point of two continents: Europe and Asia, being an industrial city and a cultural attraction at the same time. The city is in the Ural Federal District, and has a very interesting history that adds value to this Russian urbanist treasure.

Fact 1: Kharitonov’s house, laying in the city of Ekateringburg, was built in 1974 by Lev Rastorguyev, a man who made part of the Old Russian Believers, a group of Christians who rejected the reforms of Russian Orthodox Church and separate it from it in 1666. Rastorguyev was sentenced to life because of the torturing system he used to apply to his servants, an event after which the mansion was inherited by his son in law Pyotr Kharitonov.

Fact 2: A controversy linked to former tsar of Russia Nicholas II Romanov, who was killed together with his family in their house in Ekaterinburg. The controversy goes to the speculation that several members of the family disappeared. Several geologists found some human bodies in 1979 but kept them as secret for almost 12 years when they revealed the tragic discovery. It is still unknown if those bones belonged to Romanov family and if they complete the missing members of the family.

Fact 3: The city built in 1723 was named in honor of Catherine, wife of Tsar Peter I who also happens to be Ekaterinburg’s founder.

Fact 4:
Years after Tsar Nicholas II, several persons tried to cheat by declaring themselves eligible heirs to Romanov’s throne. Some of them even claimed to be Romanov’s children, one man from Poland clearly believing that he is Alexei, the only son of Nicholas II and a girl who stated to be Tatiana, one of tsar’s daughters. This phenomena came after certain misleads in the case which made it look like several members of the family were still alive.

Fact 5:
The most famous controversial fraud around murder of the royal family from Ekaterinburg is Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia, the lost and youngest daughter of Romanov family. The mystery around this person got so popular that many movies were made around the story including Golden Globe awarded pellicle.

Fact 6: The first official visit to Ekaterinburg by Native Americans was made on 17th and 18th of August honoring city’s day by attending free concerts and activities.

Fact 7:
Ganina Yama is one of city’s landmarks, picturing a monastery which looks stunning in winter thanks to its location in a pine wood. This is the former burial place of Romanov family, built in a different style with 7 tower featuring each member of the family.

Fact 8: On the place of the former house of Romanov family now stands a majestic cathedral named according to the tragic event “Church on the Blood” which became the most famous spot for tourists in Ekaterinburg.

Fact 9: The first monument of Michael Jackson was launched in Ekaterinburg in 2011 in honor of his worldwide contribution to music. The ceremony and the project itself is a total international success.

Fact 10: The TV tower in Ekaterinburg is one of the tallest and incomplete buildings in the world. Work started in 1983 and have stopped in 1991 when the tower reached approximately 220 m considering that the initial project included a 400 m tower. The building is still unfinished.

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