Facts About Egyptian Mummies

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This article talks about Egyptian mummies and certain facts revolving around them. Also included are interesting things to know on how a mummy in Egypt is made.

Fact 1. The word ‘œmummy’ comes from the Persian word ‘œmumiai,’ which means ‘œpitch’ or ‘œasphalt.’ This is because Egyptian mummies were covered in black resin resembling dark pitch colors.

Fact 2. Egyptian mummies are placed in very elaborate tombs, more like mazes, to protect the mummy from certain thieves.

Fact 3. When a pharaoh in Egypt died and was mummified, his servants and slaves were killed and mummified along with him so that they can serve him in the afterlife.

Fact 4. In mummifying a dead person, all major organs such as the lungs, intestines, stomach, colon, liver, panceas, etc. are removed except the heart. The Egyptians believed that the heart was the center of the body, and it is the organ responsible for intelligence and emotion processing.

Fact 5. Egyptian mummies’ internal organs were always removed and stored separately. They were placed in a separate container, usually four sets of vessels which are known as Canopic jars.

Fact 6. The Egyptian mummies were processed very carefully and beautifully because of the belief of their people that the spirit of the dead person or mummy will soon return to its corpse.

Fact 7. Certain types of animals, such as dogs and birds, were sacred to the Egyptians. They were mostly considered as symbols or variations of their gods and were mummified and buried in special kinds of cemeteries.

Fact 8. When scientists try to study a mummy, they will rehydrate it.

Fact 9. When studying an Egyptian mummy, scientists have noticed that there are certain types of spore species present on it.

Fact 10. Egyptian mummy-making is a long and tedious process. It usually takes 70 days for the priests to properly embalm a body.

Fact 11. Egyptians use a salt known as natron to dehydrate the bodies of their corpses, thus drying them for the mummification process.

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