Facts About Egyptian Gods

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The history of ancient Egypt is intertwined between the pharaohs and Egyptian gods. The traditional belief was that the pharaohs ruled the land at the behest of the Egyptian gods.

Fact 1. Egypt has always been  known to have numerous gods and goddesses except for a brief period in history when King Akhenaten tried to introduce a monotheistic dedication to the gods.

Fact 2.   The 3,000-year-old  polytheistic religion of Egypt consists of a multitude of gods and goddesses within  a complex and interrelated system, with gods becoming one with another god and known by many names.

Fact 3.    The king  of all Gods is Amon-Re who has been chronicled  in Egyptian mythology and culture from the inception of Egypt.

Fact 4.  Qudshu was known as the main goddess of Heaven and Earth. Representing fertility and sexual pleasure, Qudshu is depicted standing on a lion with snakes in one hand and lotus flowers in the other hand.

Fact 5.  The god of chaos is Seth who was chronicled to have created mayhem and chaos. Seth is the grandchild of the god Re.

Fact 6. The god of the underworld from the beginning of Egyptian mythology is Osiris, depicted as green-skinned with a pharaoh’s demeanor.

Fact 7. Horus, regarded as the patron saint of the ruling pharaoh, was associated with the symbol of the falcon. Horus is also associated with ‘œeye of the Horus,’ a symbol prominently observed throughout Egypt including King Tutankhamen’s mummy.

Fact 8.  Thot is the god of culture with multiple roles including that of mediator, creator of the writing system, and development of science.

Fact 9. Egyptian towns indirectly prayed and gave homage to gods through  animals defined as the incarnation of gods. It was believed that by honoring the animal, one would be honoring the gods. The animals lived a pampered life in temples and religious centers.

Fact 10. Reseph, a Syro-Canaanite god whose name appears in the Bible, was worshipped in upper Mesopotamia and in Egypt.

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