Facts About Eggplant

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Eggplant is a plant which is widely cultivated in different areas of the globe thanks to the nutritional value and great taste of its fruit when cooked. Obviously, these are the two reasons people like to eat the fruit of the eggplant. However, if you want to include this fruit in your favorite dishes, it is important to know some interesting facts about eggplant which are described in the following lines:

Fact 1: The first fact about eggplant is not only interesting but surprising for many people as well. In fact, people eat the fruit of the eggplant in a cooked form and consider it a vegetable, but it is a berry.

Fact 2: There are various names of eggplant fruit according to the particular regional languages. However, its most common names are Brinjal and Baingan.

Fact 3: The reason behind the name of this plant is not new but dates back to the 18th century. At that time its size was just like a hen’s egg with a white or yellowish color.

Fact 4: The taste of the eggplant fruit is bitter in its raw form which becomes pleasing in its cooked form.

Fact 5: A very strange fact about the eggplant fruit is that it belongs to the family of tobacco. It contains nicotine alkaloids.

Fact 6: There are various types of food recipes which are cooked with the eggplant fruit as an essential ingredient.

Fact 7: Eggplant fruit is very good with respect to its nutritional value and is a good factor for controlling cholesterol and weight reduction.

Fact 8: The healthy effect of eggplant towards weight reduction is just like doing regular exercise and dieting.

Fact 9: A very strange fact about the eggplant fruit is that eating 9 kg. of eggplant fruit is equal to smoking 1 cigarette.

Fact 10: In Renaissance Italy, the name of the eggplant fruit was ‘œCrazy Apple.’

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