Facts About Earthworms

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Nothing is useless in this world, and the same is true for earthworms. The role of earthworms in our environment is very substantial as they create fertility in the soil. Being an interesting creature, the facts about earthworms are very interesting. Here is a collection of some very interesting earthworm facts:

Fact 1: The really startling fact about earthworms is their role towards serving mankind, animals, and plants. Earthworms aerate the soil by making tunnels and make the soil fertile for the living organism.

Fact 2: What fertile soil does for human beings, animals, and plants is obvious. Soil fertility by earthworms is not due to eating the soil by earthworms, but this tiny creature releases waste from its body in the form of a casting. This casting contains many nutrients.

Fact 3: The earthworms contain segmented bodies in a tube-shaped form. The amount of segments varies from 100-150 depending upon the size of the earthworm.

Fact 4: The most interesting fact about earthworms is that they are hermaphrodites. This means each earthworm contains both sex organs of the male and female.

Fact 5: It will be a surprising fact that earthworms are blind because they have no eyes, but their receptor cells help them feel vibrations and sense light intensities.

Fact 6: Hibernation is the function of all earthworms which they use in extremely cold conditions or freezing temperatures.

Fact 7: Earthworms respire by means of the cuticle which is the outer covering of their skin.

Fact 8: The digestive system of earthworms is also very funny which goes straight throughout its body in the form of the intestine.

Fact 9: If you are thinking that earthworms have no taste buds, that is not true. They also have taste receptors in the form of sensory organs.

Fact 10: All earthworms are soft-bodied invertebrates and use fluid-filled chambers to maintain their structure.

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