Facts About Earth Day

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Fact 1: Earth Day involves celebrating the protection of biodiversity.

Fact 2: The people in the entire world attempt to protect the plants and animals and simultaneously clean up the environment.

Fact 3:  Earth Day is celebrated by most people on April 22nd every year. Some countries celebrate  Earth Day one month before the vernal equinox. People in different countries celebrate this day in different ways.

Fact 4: China has introduced a stamp to honor Earth Day and this planet.

Fact 5: Earth Day was first celebrated in the United States on April 22, 1970. It was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson. This celebration was attended by several thousands of local schools and other communities totaling 20 million people. The United States history has recorded this first gathering for Earth Day as the largest organized gathering.

Fact 6: The success of celebrating Earth Day has made the government of United States to create laws in order to protect the environment.

Fact 7: The Earth Day celebration was made an international celebration by United Nations Secretary General U-Thant. Earth Day is celebrated by the United Nations every year on the day of the vernal equinox which falls either on March  20th or 21st. The Peace Bell of the UN rings at the moment of reaching the equinox.

Fact 8: The first official international Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1990. The environmental conservation was celebrated by 200 million people from 141 countries. The event was remembered by the presidents and leaders of the nations to understand the significance of environmental protection for the survival of human beings.

Fact 9: The national leaders discussed the global problems like climatic changes and loss of wild species during the United Nations Earth Summit held at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the year 1992.

Fact 10: Every year China celebrates Earth Day with a theme like the protection of geographic relics and scientific development. The theme changes every year.

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