Facts about DVD Players

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Multi-media is, forever improving on the products we all love and enjoy. Today people can simply put DVD, or compact disk into a DVD player, and have hours of entertainment. The DVD player industry has continued to impress millions with their new and improved versions of the DVD player, since they first invented the product in the 1990’s.

Fact 1: The first DVD player was introduced in Japan, and then followed to the U.S. about a year later.

Fact 2: DVD players, depending on name brands, can be purchased relatively cost effective, with some brands costing less than $30.00.

Fact 3: DVD players were created to replace the VHS version, for home entertainment, which was more costly to produce.

Fact 4: In the year 2000, Sony developed a DVD game system called Play Station 2, which has grown in popularity over the years, and can be purchased in other designs today, such as the Play Station 3 version.

Fact 5: DVD players are light weight, and offer ease of transport, for those who rely on teaching related DVD software.

Fact 6: Portable DVD players are appropriate for all age groups, and are cost effective, with a price range of $75.00-$175.00., depending on features.

Fact 7: Windows software offers a product that can be downloaded from a computer, and offers the same capabilities of a DVD player.

Fact 8: DVD players are for a standard definition television, used for example; for a child’s room, containing a standard television.

Fact 9: High definition televisions work well with a blue-ray player. This version offers the capability of a DVD player as well, as you can still enjoy your DVDs on the blue-ray version.

Fact 10: DVD players come in a large variety of makes and name brands, with the pioneer products receiving the highest level of quality.

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