Facts About Drunk Driving

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‘œDrunk driving,’ which is also called ‘œdriving under the influence’ in some countries, is a crime in all countries of the world. Despite the fact that people know the punishment for this crime in their respective areas very well, still the percentage of drunk driving fatalities is very high in almost all countries. Here are some interesting facts about drunk driving:

Fact 1: Do you know that the legal definition of a drunk driving crime is almost the same in all parts of the world? The definition is simply ‘œdriving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.’

Fact 2: It will be interesting to know that in some countries riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol is also a crime.

Fact 3: No doubt, the nature of punishment for a drunk driving  crime is not the same in different countries, but the charges against a drunk driver depends upon the consequences of drunk driving.

Fact 4: Sometimes the consequences of drunk driving come out in the form of self-injury and damage to the motor vehicle as well as public property. However, in some cases, the results can be the death of the driver or anybody else on the road.

Fact 5: In the case of damage to public property, the charges against a drunk driver could be dual like a fine and imprisonment. However, in the case of the death of any person, the charges could be more severe.

Fact 6: The surprising fact about fatalities caused by drunk driving came into world focus during the year 2006 in which 41 percent of fatalities were due to drunk driving .

Fact 7: Another interesting fact about drunk driving  is that most of the holiday fatalities are caused by drunk driving all over the world.

Fact 8: The new drivers, especially youngsters within the age range of 18-20, are more responsible for drunk driving fatalities in all countries of the world.

Fact 9: Most cases of drunk driving are caused by an overconsumption of beer.

Fact 10: The most interesting fact about drunk driving was the punishment to a drunk driver by a Texas judge in which the criminal was ordered to hold a sign board having the wording ‘œI have killed somebody by drunk driving’œ while standing along a busy street.

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