Facts About Dragonflies

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While walking in your garden, you usually come across dragonflies roaming about in the air making no disturbance at all. But this notion is no longer reliable as the following interesting and quite uncommon facts about these little jewels in your garden will give you a new direction in understanding these little, garden jewels:

Fact 1:

Among all of the flying insects, dragonflies take the crown of being the fastest in speed recorded about 20-34 mph for an average dragonfly.

Fact 2:

Do you want to get rid of mosquitoes? Incorporate some dragonflies around your area!! The dragonflies eat mosquitoes; hence, officially controlling the mosquito population.

Fact 3:

The largest ever dragonfly with its wings extended out measured almost three feet in length lived about 250 million years ago before the dinosaurs even existed.

Fact 4:

A female dragonfly can lay an amount of 800 eggs out of which 90 percent hatch into larvae.

Fact 5:

The dragonfly develops a strong grip over its prey with its legs. It uses its legs for hunting, but these legs are too weak to walk!

Fact 6:

Dragonflies have a very inspiring and highly organized flight mechanism, and for this reason these insects are studied by military aviation departments. Some planes have even been made to imitate the flight mechanism of dragonflies which provides excellent flight.

Fact 7:

Unlike other flying insects, dragonflies have extraordinary vision with about 30,000 lenses in each of the compound eyes.

Fact 8:

Almost 80 percent of all the brain usage is spent for vision-related activities by dragonflies.

Fact 9:

Because of having two sets of wings, a dragonfly has to flap its wings only 30 times a second which is 10 times less than a normal bee flapping its wings 300 times a second.

Fact 10:

Unlike real flight planes, dragonflies are able to fly backwards with the strong flapping of their compound wings, and they can also hover like a helicopter.


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