Facts about Dog Abuse

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Dogs are the most common victims of animal abuse and suffer from cruelty, neglect, and abandonment. Many of these loyal, vulnerable animals are forced to suffer in silence throughout their lifetimes. The fact is that dogs are more vulnerable and more prone to abuse because they need us more than we need them. The crime of dog abuse is committed all over the world, in both rural and urban areas by the rich and the poor. Here are some interesting facts bout dog abuse.

Fact 1: 25% of all reported dog abuse cases involve pit bulls and the number keeps increasing.

Fact 2: Although illegal, dog fighting occurs all over the United States, in rural and urban areas. The cruel fights last about 1 to 2 hours and the dogs often suffer serious injuries that may include blood loss, shock, dehydration, broken bones, and death.

Fact 3: Thousands of Greyhounds are killed each year because they’re too old or injured to race.

Fact 4: The poor conditions in ‘œpuppy mills’ breed disease.

Fact 5: 71% of battered women report that their abuser also abuses the family pet and 34% report that their children have also abused animals.

Fact 6: There are about 3,500 new cases of animal hoarding reported in the United States each year. This need to possess and control animals, including dogs, causes the animal to suffer from neglect, disease, and unsanitary conditions.

Fact 7: In Ethiopia, many people bury their dogs alive for minutes at a time to make them crueler guard dogs.

Fact 8: Most dog abuse cases go unreported.

Fact 9: Dog abuse, and other animal cruelty, is a first offense felony in only 6 states: Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Fact 10: 40% of people who abuse animals also commit violence against another human being.

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