Facts About Distracted Driving

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Life in the modern world has changed to such a great extent that people practically do not care for their lives. Everyone is driving either two-wheelers or four-wheelers without noticing others around them. Fast-paced lifestyles do not allow anyone to pay attention to certain important facts of everyday life, and that is safety, especially on the roads. Distracted driving is one of the most serious issues that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

Fact 1 – What Is Distracted Driving?

When somebody drives without paying attention to the primary work of driving and is engrossed in something else other than driving, that situation is referred to as distracted driving. In other words, distracted driving means there is some kind of distraction while driving. This distraction can be caused by many factors that endanger the life of the driver as well as those around him or her.

Fact 2 – Types of Distraction

A lot has been discussed about distracted driving, and it has been found that the three major types of distraction are namely:

  1. Cognitive, which implies you are not attentive to your task of driving.
  2. Visual, which implies that your eyes are not focused on the road.
  3. Manual, which means the driver does not control the steering wheel with his own hands.

Fact 3 – What Causes Distraction?

In the modern age, there are really so many new attractions, especially for the young generation, that there is hardly any youngster who is fully engrossed in all his/her activities. However, some of the most prominent causes of distraction that lead to accidents and fatal situations are:

  • Using cell phones or smart phones.
  • Talking to riders or passengers.
  • Watching video.
  • Using the navigator of the car.
  • Setting the radio or mp3 player or adjusting speakers, etc.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Grooming
  • Talking to drivers beside you and others.

Fact 4 – Which Is the Most Harmful Habit?

Messaging or texting is perhaps the most serious cause of distracted driving. Although many countries have banned the use of cell phones while driving, there are many people who don’t care and do not adhere to these rules. They do not only talk, rather gossip, for a long time while driving as if they are in a drawing room. Things get worse when they start texting; because in this activity, all the three types of distraction are involved. To be clearer, when writing messages, you need to take your eyes off the road and look at your gadget; you need to pay attention to what you are writing, thus your attention is diverted from driving; and thirdly, you need to use your fingers to text so that means your hands are off the steering wheel. In such situations, there are maximum chances of distractions, and that leads to fatal accidents.

Fact 4 – Present Situations Around the World

Statistics show that most of the cases reported about distracted driving have involved teenagers and college students. Today’s young generation really is ruthless and does not want to lead steady and safe lives. Most cases of death by distracted driving are between the ages of 16 and 20, or perhaps a little older. Sometimes there are exceptions, also, and you will see drunk, older-aged drivers meeting with serious accidents that either cause death or make a person an invalid for life.

Fact 5 – How to Combat Distracted Driving

Although most people use hands-free mobile devices for telephoning when driving, it does not imply that it is risk-free. The best way to put an end to mishaps caused by distracted driving is to educate all people about the hazards and to stop the use of cell phones while driving—voluntarily and consciously—thus making lives safer and happier.

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