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The word ‘œdinosaur’ was created in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen meaning ‘œgiant lizard.’  Prior to this, there was no name for dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, considered terrestrial reptiles, existed about 230 million years ago during the Triassic Period.

Fact 1. As birds are related to dinosaurs, they are called avian dinosaurs whereas dinosaurs are called non-avian dinosaurs.

Fact 2.   Dinosaurs were vegetarians although there were a small number who opted for meat.

Fact 3.  Dinosaurs were physically tall and heavyset. The longest dinosaur, Seismosaurus was 165 feet while Arentinosaurus was the heaviest at 100 tons.

Fact 4.  Different types of dinosaurs lived in different ages.

Fact 5.  There is an ongoing controversy regarding the relationship between dragons and dinosaurs. In most countries where fossils of dinosaurs have been found, there is a strong dragon culture. Dragons are depicted similarly amongst discrete societies with no communication links. On the other hand, this view has been dismissed by scientists as lacking credibility.

Fact 6. Since the last few decades, most dinosaurs have been found in Central and East Asia.

Fact 7.  Tyrannosaurus rex, or popularly known as T. rex, is considered to be amongst the most ferocious dinosaurs. ‘œTyrannosaurus’ stands for ‘œtyrant lizard.’

Fact 8.  T. rex could consume 500 pounds of meat in one bite. Its eating habits were ferocious, and all of its actions were focused on crushing the meat and bones before consumption.

Fact 9. Dinosaurs, in general, being plant-eating animals, could have warmed the Earth with the emissions of methane gas. The postulation is because ruminants emit 50 to 100 million metric tons of methane per year contributing to global warming. Dinosaurs being very large would have also contributed their share of methane gas. 5

Fact 10.  Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, and currently there is no conclusive information on the reason for the extinction. It could due to volcanic eruptions, climatic change, or due to an external asteroid force hitting the Earth.

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