Facts About Dia De Los Muertos

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Dia De Los Muertos is Spanish for Day of the Dead. For Latin Americans, Dia De Los Muertos is a celebration of people who already passed away. November 2 is considered the actual “day of the dead” but the celebrations may start the day before. On this particular day, families of the departed ones typically visit the cemetery or have their celebrations at home. Food and drinks are served for all the living and also the dead.

The following are facts related to Dia De Los Muertos:

Fact 1: The celebration of Dia De Los Muertos has roots from pre-Hispanic civilizations. The ancient Aztecs of 2000 to 3000 years ago were known to have a similar celebration for the dead that is commonly held during the entire month of August.

Fact 2: Dia De Los Muertos has a similar celebration in the Roman Catholic Church Community. All Saints Day and All Saints Day in the Roman Catholicism are also celebrated on November 1 and 2 with similar activities such as visiting the graves of the departed ones or dining with family members.

Fact 3: The celebration of the Day in the Dead is rooted from the belief that souls of departed loved ones are able to come back in present times. This is also the same belief that led to the practice of putting food on the grave sites of loved ones.

Fact 4: Typical celebration of Dia De Los Muertos involves setting up an altar with four basic elements. These elements include water, wind, fire, and earth which are also the basic components of nature. The favorite food items of the dead persons are said to represent the earth and water elements.

Fact 5: Prayer vigils are typically done the night before the actual Day of the Dead. Some prayer vigils among family members often last overnight to welcome Dia De Los Muertos.

Fact 6: The marigold flower is considered the traditional flower for the dead. This flower is commonly associated with the altar setup in celebrations of Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico and in some other Latin countries.

Fact 7: Miniature skulls are often used as decorations for the altars or grave sites during the Day of the Dead. These skulls are used as some kind of offering for the dead. These skulls also represent death and rebirth of the souls of the dead.

Fact 8:
“Bread of the dead” is a common food item during celebrations of Dia De Los Muertos. These breads are sometimes shaped like bones to represent the skulls and skeletons that are considered symbols of rebirth.

Fact 9: Dias De Los Muertos has become a tourist attraction in some parts of Mexico. The celebration of this particular day has attracted tourists because of the family gatherings with food preparation.

Fact 10: The celebrations of Dias De Los Muertos are recognized by UNESCO as an “intangible cultural heritage”. This distinction further elevates this particular day as a popular day of celebration for Mexicans and other Latin Americans.

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