Facts about Derek Jeter

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1.An all-time Yankee Leader

Derek Jeter was enlisted into the Yankees in the 1992. Hi did his initial full season in majors in 1996 where he helped Yankees triumph over the Braves to win the World Series. Since this initial win, Derek saw 4 more Yankee wins in the World Series in the years 1998, 99, 2000 and 2009. In 2003, he became the team captain and Yankees all- time hit leader.

2. Early Life

Derek Jeter was born in New Jersey’s Pequannock area in June, 1974. He is the elder son of Charles, a counselor in substance abuse and Dorothy, an accounting professional. When he was 4 years old, his parents moved to Michigan where his father pursued a doctorate degree in Western Michigan University. Derek played basketball at the Kalamazoo Central High School but he was committed to becoming a player in the Major League Baseball, especially for the New York Yankees.

3. Initial Baseball Career

As an athletic, lanky and talented young man, Derek batted more than 500 during his last two years of play in high school baseball. He only stroke once as a high school senior. Derek scoped various national sports awards in his high school days including the “High School Player of the Year” in 1992, a title accorded by the American High School Coaches Association, “High School Player of the Year” title by USA Today and ‘Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year’ in 1992.

4. Joining the New York Yankees

Upon graduation, New York Yankees selected Derek with the 6th overall pick in June 1992. He joined the University of Michigan though his time in school was brief because he rose up the ranks at the Yankees’ system. In 1994, several publications such as Baseball America and The Sporting News appointed him the “Minor League Player of the Year” after he batted 344 with fifty stolen bases.

5. Big League Launch

Derek’s dream came true in 1995 when Tony Fernandez, who was Yankees shortstop, was placed on the list of the disabled. On May, 29th that year, Derek made his entry into the big league playing against Seattle Mariners. In the year that followed, he played in the Major League Baseball for the first time, batting 314 with ten home runs.

6. American League Rookie Award

Derek was a skilled shortstop who also did well in infield enabling the New York Yankees to triumph over the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series. In 1996, Derek won an award, the American League Rookie of the Year, for his exceptional performance during that season.

7. All Star Selection

Derek became one of the top all-rounded baseball players and a lynchpin in the leading Yankee team. In 1998, he got his first All-Star Selection in a season that concluded with one of the 3 world championships for Bronx Bombers. In 2000, Derek became the first baseball player to attain the World Series and All-Star Game MVP over the same period.

8. Thriving in Pressure-Packed Moments

Derek earned a reputation of being a player that excels in pressure packed moments. One of his famous plays during his career was when he ran down a wayward throw from outfield to deliver a flip that recorded a crucial out in 2001 playoffs during a game against Oakland A’s.

9. Making History

At the time of retiring in 2014, Derek ranked 6th on the Major League History with a record 3,465 hits. He had suffered an ankle injury a year earlier and played his 20th game in the majors during the 2014 season. He retired with 5 world championships to his name.

10. Off the Baseball Field

Away from the field, Derek has set up a Turn 2 Foundation that encourages youth to stay healthy and achieve academic excellence. He also launched ‘The Players Tribune’ website, a professional athletes’ online platform to connect with funs.

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