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Fact 1: Depression is the state of the mind which extends the state of being sad. Depression is the medical illness that usually influences the feelings, thoughts, physical health ,and mood of the person.

Fact 2: The factors that are associated with psychological, environmental, genetic, and biological aspects aid in the development of depression.

Fact 3: Depression is a sign of a medical illness that cannot be removed by human wish or will.

Fact 4: Depression is calculated to be second leading  cause of illness by the year 2020.

Fact 5: Depression is found to be occurring more often in women than in men.

Fact 6: Untreated depression might cause the patient to develop severe problems in dealing with relationships and office work.

Fact 7: The statistics say that about eight percent of American adults are affected by depression.

Fact 8: Depression can lead to suicide, which is the 11th principal cause for bereavement in the United States.

Fact 9: Major depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, and postpartum depression are four types of depression.

Fact 10: Recently conducted research says that depression is caused by various chemical imbalances in the brain.

Fact 11: Depression can be developed by the death of a loved one or divorce or due to any important change in life. Some positive changes in life such as the commencement of a new job, giving birth to a child, serious illness, getting a promotion on the job might also trigger depression.

Fact 12: The chemicals in the brain that influence the mood of the person are produced in relevant quantities by using medications along with counseling.

Fact 13: Counseling can help in giving relief to the depressed by helping the person to set goals in life, properly assessing the relationships, and passing through various difficult periods in life.

Fact 14: Electroconvulsive therapy is given for the type of illness that does not respond to depression therapy.

Fact 15: Psychotherapy is also suggested by the experts in treating depression.

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