Facts about Denver

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Brief Introduction:

The State of Colorado concentrates its seat of governance at the city of Denver calling it a capital. It is the most populous municipality of the U.S. There are 79 official neighborhoods surrounding and these are used for planning and administration of the city. The adjacent counties that surround enclosing the city of Denver include the county of Adams in the west, Arapahoe County in the south and east and Jefferson County to the west.

Fact 1:

Denver is regarded as the most populous municipality within the US ranking the 21st. It claimed the status as a beta world city crowned by the Globalization and World cities Research Network. Denver is commonly known as the Mile-High city attributing to it’s a mile high elevation above the sea level. It is also conferred with the names Queen City of the west as well as the Queen city of the plains owing to its larger area under cover.

Fact 2:

The history of Denver dates back to the era of Gold rush. Settlements were scattering throughout the sites found to be rich with the reserves of gold in the 1856 and that is when the city of Denver was just born. It was named after the Former Kansas Territorial Governor James. W. Denver. However, within a year that is in 1859 the gold mining activity was stalled.

Fact 3:

The strategic location to which the city sticks to provides a retreating feast to the eyes of the snowcapped mountains. Since the metropolitan lies at the foot of the hills, the region is populated with innumerable adventure sport and other activities. Mind boggling restaurants dot the place, pleasing every tourist who visits the city.

Fact 4:

With nature sprawling across her paws, Denver protects the green belt by her fleet of Hybrid taxis. These are eco-friendly vehicles whose fleet is the largest in the country.

Fact 5:

Another amazing fact is the presence of an eco-friendly airport aiming to reduce its carbon footprints over the atmosphere. This was planned to be implemented by replacing all the computers with LCD monitors found to consume lesser energy. Denver s airport ranks to be the fifteenth busiest airport of the world and is the fifth in the US.

Fact 6:

Climate featuring Denver is unique as it experiences 300 sunshine days. Although the sunshine days are higher in number, seasons of summer appear with pleasant mornings and comfortable evenings. Winter appears with patches of snow and the precipitation is mildly distributed annually.

Fact 7:

Art and architecture conquer the streets of the county. Denver art museum is a place where the infamous art works of the world are displayed. The museum constitutes diverse collections ranging from American to Indian and other works from around the globe.

Fact 8:

Clayford Still Museum is an artistic congregates on the works of Clayford Still, an abstract expressionist who innovatively broke off from the traditional painting methods. The museum promises to its visitors a unique experience on the legacy of Clayfford Still. The artist’s life has been wrapped in mystery and the bulk of his works were hidden from public view for more than 30 years.

Fact 9:

To all the shopaholics who hang out, the city offers a tree lined pedestrian promenade mall built in 1982.Patches of red-and-gray granite leads to the center of Downtown scattered with outdoor cafes, renovated historic office buildings, sparkling glass-walled skyscrapers, shops, restaurants and retail stores. Numerous fountains and plazas entertain the shoppers with special events by the entertainers.

Fact 10:

One of the most fascinating places of Denver is the ecological sites that it owns called the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (RMA). History furnishes us the information that this site was initially a toxic piece of land used to prepare chemicals for the Second World War. It was continued to be used to produce agricultural chemicals by the Shell oil co. Despite the deterioration of the land, rich flora and fauna like the deer, prairie dogs, coyotes, and many species of hawks, owls and other birds were still prominent. Finally the day bloomed for the land turning it into a premier urban national wildlife refuges in the United States attracting tourism.

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