Facts About Demons

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Demons are not human entities and they are held responsible in making people do things that we do not wish to do . The Greek word for demon is daimon and is found more than 75 times in the Greek New Testament. In Jesus Christ’s teachings and ministry, He often confronted demons and demonstrated His power over them .

Below are a list of ten of the many named demons:

Fact 1:
Pazuzu demon first appeared in the Babylonian myth as a “storm bird” and was mentioned to be a child of the wind-demon, Hanpa. For the Persians and Sumerians, he is known as Zu or Anzu, son of the bird goddess, Siris. He has the features of both and animal where his body is of a man, head of a lion or dog, sharp talons in his feet, a pair of wings, a scorpion’s tail and a serpentine penis. His right hand points upward and his left hand downward. Pazuzu was featured in the horror movie The Exorcist .

Pazuzu is a storm demon. He could fly and bring storm winds from the south and east bringing death and pestilence .

Fact 2:
Malphas is the mighty president of hell where he leads 40 legions of demons. He appears as a crow or n human form. He has the power to build towers, tear down barricades. He can give workers, familiars, receive sacrifices but betrays those who beseech him .

Of all demons, Malphas has the biggest aura and that one can feel his power through his aura which can be seen as very bright blue. He has the power to reveal the enemy’s secrets to the one who called him. A master of magic, he can both create and destroy; manipulate the thoughts and desires of the enemy and bring inanimate objects to life .

Fact 3:
Abaddon is said to be the chief of demons and regarded as the destroying angel. Abaddon means “ a place of destruction, The Destroyer, The Depth of Hell. The Apostle John mentioned him as the king of the locust torment and the king of the abyss

Fact 4:
The AntiChrist is probably the most famous demon of all known to man. The Apostle John introduced him in the New Testament. There is no clear identification who is the AntiChrist but he is described to be a handsome person, charming and can seduce anyone. Others also portray him as the ugliest and an intimidating demon .

Fact 5:
Azazel is a goat demon that is mentioned in the Hebrew mythology. Modern Satanism admired Azazel as he is the ultimate giver of forbidden knowledge. Some Satanist, consider him as a great demonic general commanding legions of demons. In the Book of Enoch, Azazel was named as one of the generals who led the rebellion resulting to fallen angels that were cast out from heaven. He was also one of the Watchers during the time of the Great Flood and taught men the art of warfare, weaponry and armor making .

Fact 6:
Forneus is a protection demon that shield others from evil-doers. He has the rank of a Marquis and has 29 legions under his command. He can bestow good reputation; excels in teaching communicative arts, foreign languages and rhetoric. Forneus appears wearing an attire of a king– red robe with black and white lining with a Marquis crown. His true demon form if that of a giant sea monster .

Fact 7:
Ifrits, in Islamic mythology are one of the powerful jinns. An ifrit is a humongous winged creature of smoke or fire and air. The demon can be a female or a male and they usually live underground and frequent ruins. They are known for their strength and being cunning. They can marry ifrits of the opposite sex or with a human being. Ifrits are susceptible to magic which can be used to overpower or kill them .

Fact 8:
Jikininki, in Japanese myth are demons who eat dead bodies. These demons are former human beings who were driven by greed resulting to difficulty in passing over after death .

They are a horrible sight that one will be frozen in fear upon seeing one. Jikininki are preta in the 26th class in Japanese Buddhism are freed from their condition through remembrance and offering or prayer from a holy man .

Fact 9:
Drekavac in Slavic mythology is a scary demon which is actually a ghost of an unbaptized child’s soul. A creepy description of a drekavac is of taking a form of an undead child who calls to passerby near a cemetery asking to be baptized .

Fact 10:
Vapula (or Naphula) is known as the sixtieth spirit. He is strong and appearing in the form of a lion with gryphon’s wings. He is able to teach man the art of handcrafts and professions. He is knowledgeable in philosophy and sciences and governs 36 legions of demons under him .

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