Facts about DC Motor

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Man has made many things for the ease and comfort of himself and his coming generations. Every minute the field of science is gaining knowledge by leaps and bounds. Of these inventions, the Direct Current Motor of the DC motor in one. It is designed to maintain the flow of current with agility and strength. There are many things that are very common about the operational facts of the DC motors but here we will present some facts that will help you have a clear picture of DC motors in your mind.

Fact 1:

The AC and DC motors are both used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy so that a work can be done using the alternating and direct current. (EHOW)

Fact 2:

The construction of a DC motor goes in a reverse fashion as compared to that of an ordinary motor! (Yahoo)

Fact 3:

There are three different types of the DC motors that are available in the market. These include the brushless direct current motors, brushed direct current motors and the stepper direct current motors. (Elistingz)

Fact 4:

The DC motor or the direct current motor has a split ring commutator which maintains the direction of the flow of current. (Yahoo)

Fact 5:

DC motors are a part of usual home appliances as this energy is mainly used to run small machinery. AC motors operate larger appliances like vehicles. (EHOW)

Fact 6:

DC motors are so efficient in working that there is rumor that these DC motors might replace the AC motors in robots and interstellar inquiries. (UMN)

Fact 7:

The most usual construction of a Direct Current motor is a cylinder. The style of construction, though, is very short and fat. (All about Circuits)

Fact 8:

DC motors are very expensive, notably higher in price than the AC motors. (Yahoo)


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