Facts about David Beckham

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England has been home to many great names and David Beckham is one of these. This famous soccer player has made such a big name in soccer that anyone who knows anything about soccer is a fan of David Beckham. Here are some more informational facts for Beckham fans!

Fact 1:

David Beckham was born in London in the year 1987 and is famous today as an unmatchable soccer player. (Biography.com)

Fact 2:

Beckham’s entire family, his father, his mother, and two of his siblings were all fans of Manchester United. This means that Beckham becoming a soccer player was very natural! (Biography.com)

Fact 3:

David Beckham married Victoria in the year 2000. Victoria was a singer in the then very popular band named Spice Girls. (IMBD)

Fact 4:

Beckham had an important role in promoting the London’s successful bid for the Olympics of the year 2012. Before that, Beckham had also been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2005. (IMBD)

Fact 5:

David Beckham won his first ever MLS cup in the year 2011.

Fact 6:

David Beckham is nicknamed Becks in his family circle. (CNN)

Fact 7:

David Beckham is the world’s highest earning soccer player according to Forbes. The endorsement deals, MLS salary and bonuses make up more than $50.6 million for David Beckham. (CNN)

Fact 8:

David Beckham is known to be the best midfield man who has the ability to bend his free kicks such that his ball curves around or over the defenders to get into the goal! (CNN)

Fact 9:

The movie, ‘œBend it Like Beckham’ was named after the free kick expertise of this English player. (Huffington Post)

Fact 10:

A very interesting fact to know about David Beckham is that he won a Charlton soccer skills award at the age of only 12 years.

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