Facts about Dance

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Dance, now considered an art, is offering students a wide curriculum to express their interest in dance, as many colleges and universities are offering a wide variety of choices including: Modern and Jazz, Ballet, and Theatre Functions just to mention a few. As interest in dance continues to grow, many will benefit from dance lessons, offered by an instructor, in either a private setting, or as part of a dance school curriculum.

Fact 1: Ballet is a non-gender dance suitable for both boys and girls.

Fact 2: Ballet was first formed in Italy in the sixteenth century, and included, a combination of graceful movement to music.

Fact 3: The first major school of ballet in the United States opened in 1934, and was founded by: Lincoln Kirstein.

Fact 4: Jazz dance originated in the 1800’s, and was originally a form of tap dance. Jazz began in several states and include: New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis and Kansas.

Fact 5: Jazz is a dance style that is casual and relaxed.

Fact 6: Modern Jazz is mixed with other dance styles.

Fact 7
: Folk dancing is a form of dance that expresses a person or a group of people’s way of life. Folk dancing began in the 1800’s.

Fact 8: Folk dancing can be called ceremonial dancing, usually passed down from one generation to the next. A popular modern folk dance is called clogging.

Fact 9: Contemporary dance can mean dance as it was in the early 1950’s up until now, and can include forms of ballet, as well as modern dance.

Fact 10
: Modern dance, can apply to all forms of music, including jazz, contemporary, and folk, as with most dance styles can be changed to add individual preferences. Modern dance can incorporate several different dance styles into one theatrical performance.

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