Facts about Dance Moms

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1. A Reality TV Series
In July 13th 2011, Collins Avenue Productions produced a reality television series called ‘Dance Moms’. The series was set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California at the Abby Lee Dance Company. This American reality series features young careers of children show dance business under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller as well as the contribution of their mothers.

2. Dance Moms Controversy and Criticism
Though the television series ‘Dance Moms’ gained popularity, it has been faced with controversy and criticism. “Topless Showgirls” from season 2 that was aired on March 6th 2012 was banned. The show featured the dancers in attires that seemed to portray nakedness. Though Miller tried to defend the decision, the episode was pulled out on 23rd March 2012.

3. Dance Moms Pyramid
In the television series ‘Dance Moms’, the dancers are evaluated using a pyramid kind of tool. The dancers that have performed better are featured at the top of the pyramid while those that are evaluated and found in need of improvement are featured at the bottom of the pyramid. This pyramid is reviewed every week and thus changes are seen weekly as the series progresses.

4. Dance Moms dancers get Scholarships
Due to the great performances by the dancers in the ‘Dance Moms’ television series, dancers have had the opportunity to win scholarships to main occasions. For example, in November 2011 at the Hollywood Vibe, four of the dancers from ‘Dance Moms’ earned full training scholarship to the nationwide and district conventions.

5. Keeping in Touch
The Abby Lee Dance Academy is known to keep in touch with its former students. The tutor Abby Lee Miller is known to spend time with her former students during dinner. This has enabled the students to appreciate and gain courage every time they enter a class or step on stage.

6. Dance Moms was originally meant to Star the Kids
The television series Dance Moms, was initially meant to star kids and their mothers instead of depicting Miller as the main star of the program. The television drama was supposed to feature five dancers and their mothers from different cities all over the country for a six weeks dance series.

7. Complains about Abby Lee
The dancers and the mothers who star in the television drama series often complain that the producers of the show make Abby Lee appear as a nice person but in real life Abby is said to be mean and that she breaks the rules all the time. The kids have also been recorded on camera complaining that Abby is worse and actually some of the kids don’t like Abby.

8. Quitting the Show
Despite being part of one of the most high end television drama series, many mothers desperately try to quit on numerous occasions. However, they do not manage to quit as they are bound by the contracts that they signed with the dance academy. The mothers complain that their children are not treated well by Abby Miller and the producers of Lifetime Productions.

9. Assault Lawsuits
In 2004, the television series host Abby Miller was hit with an assault lawsuit by one of the kids who cast in the show. Apparently, Miller on several occasions had been spotted mistreating members of the show behind the scenes. For example, she has been spotted pinching a student and viciously gripping the arm of a student.

10. Professional Careers
Despite the numerous controversies that have rocked Lifetime and the host Abby Miller, the Dance Moms show has been able to produce professionals in the field. Many students have had the opportunity to perform professionally in movies and other shows.

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