Facts About Dalmatians

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Dalmatians are said to have originated from the Eastern Mediterranean region of Dalmatia from where they moved to India and all over Europe. Dalmatia is located within the Republic of Croatia, formerly part of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

Fact 1. A historical description of a Dalmatian was found in the diocese Djakovo in Croatia especially in the church chronicles of Bishop Petar Bakic (1719) and Andreas Keckemety (1737). The dog was named in Latin ‘œCanis Dalmaticus.’

 Fact 2.   Dalmatian dogs were depicted in paintings and church chronicles from the 16th to the18th centuries. Dalmatians were found on the altar painting ‘œMadonna with Jesus and Angels’ in the church Gospa od Andjela in Croatia dating back between 1600-1630.

Fact 3.  Dalmatians are born completely white with spots appearing from the third week.

Fact 4.  An estimated 30 percent of Dalmatians suffer from a genetic defect  that can impair hearing  associated with a single gene or multiple genes.

Fact 5.  Dalmatians earned the nickname ‘œThe carriage dog’ as they were often spotted besides horse-drawn carriages. They had a natural affinity for horses and were not only good watchdogs of carriages but were also easily trained to clear the way for horses.

Fact 6. Dalmatians are good watchdogs and have been used by fire brigades as guard dogs to protect firehouses and their equipment.

Fact 7. The physical shape of the Dalmatian dog is rectangular, strong muscled, and distinctively spotted.

Fact 8.  The Dalmatian  has a pleasant temperament, is  friendly and non-aggressive. Dalmatians like water and outdoor activities with a marked hound instinct.

Fact 9.  Dalmatians are wandering dogs prone to roam for days.

Fact 10. The Dalmatian dog  became vastly popular with the 1956 novel, ‘œThe Hundred and One Dalmatians’ authored by Dodie Smith, followed by the Disney movie based on the book.

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