Facts About Dallas Texas

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Among the various tourists’ destinations, Dallas in Texas attracts travelers the most as it offers everything that man craves for – beautiful nature, heritage sites, educational museums, attractive shopping centers and exclusive delicacies.

Fact 1 Description Of The City
Dallas is the ninth largest city of the United States. Being the fourth largest metropolitan area of the country, it spreads over an area of nearly 343 square miles. The sophisticated city and unique arrangements is a travelers’ paradise. It has a population of about 1.2 million. Dallas stands in the northeastern part of Texas quite close to the Texas/Oklahoma border. The city has some of the Fortune 500 Companies’ headquarters. It is ranked as a “Gamma World City” by renowned Study Group and Network Agencies.

Fact 2 History Of Dallas

Dallas was first inhabited by the Native Americans long before it was a part of New Spain during the 1500s. Later, in 1821, when Mexico became independent from Spanish control it included New Spain also. Thereafter in 1836, after the Texas Revolution, Texas became an independent country and a U.S. state in 1845. According to history, John Neely Bryan, the Tennessee lawyer founded Dallas in 1841 as a trading post on the River Trinity. It was a part of the Republic of Texas. At first in 1856 Dallas was incorporated as a town and then it became a city in 1871. The area is very close to the main cotton-producing region of Texas and so it became a great cotton market center in no time. It is an economically sound city with diversified commercial and important marketing center. Insurance business is extremely important that caused rapid growth of the city.

Fact 3 Interesting Tourists’ Destinations In Dallas

Dallas has been described as an amusing, educational and historic city that satisfies the thirst of every kind of visitor who travels from the farthest corner of the world in search of knowledge, fun and entertainment. Although every part of Dallas has something for the tourists, there are some places that one should never miss out on their trip to Dallas. Some of the most interesting places are:

1. Dallas Heritage Village: – It stands at Old City Park and bears testimony of all that had happened before 1963. The park displays Victorian homes, a large collection of 19th century artifacts and other commercial buildings of historical importance.
2. AT & T Stadium; – This is the costliest football palace in Arlington stretching over 18.5 miles to the west. The exquisite collection of art and the beauty of the place is sure to leave one gaping with wonder.

3. Old Red Museum of Dallas County: – This museum is the storehouse of history and culture. The Museum has six floors and in each floor you will find something g that you have never heard of before.

4. Geo-Deck: – The Geo-Deck at Reunion Tower is the first place to visit when you are in Dallas. From the top of the tower you can see the entire layout of Deale Plaza and a bird’s-eye view from above 470 feet of downtown and the fields that stand further away. The Trinity River is the most attractive sight from here as well as the unique bridge of Margaret Hunt Hill.

5. North Park Center: – This is the classiest shopping center in Dallas apart from the other larger shopping malls and is the most attractive places for shoppers.

6. Pioneer Plaza: – This 4-acre greenery with waterfalls and man-made mountains and hills, bronze-steers, cowboys and horses sculpted by the great artist Robert Summers is one of the greatest attractions of Dallas.
There are endless places to visit and things to do in Dallas, Texas that one can imagine.

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