Facts About Cuba

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Fact 1: Cuba is a Caribbean Island which is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The place is located about 150 km south to Key West in Florida.

Fact 2: The geographic coordinates of Cuba are 21.3 degrees N and 80 degrees W.

Fact 3: The total area of Cuba is 110,860 square kilometers. The country stands 106th in its area in the entire world.

Fact 4: The area occupied by the land is 109,820 square km, while the area occupied by the water is 1,040 square km.

Fact 5: The total land boundary spans around 29 kilometers. The countries that are bordering Cuba constitute the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay which spans about 29 kilometers.

Fact 6: The coastline extends about 3,735 kilometers. The climate here is tropical mostly, and the trade winds are seen very often.

Fact 7: The lowest point of Cuba is the Caribbean Sea at zero meters, and the highest point is at Pico Turquino which is 2,005 meters.

Fact 8: The natural resources of Cuba are: chromium, cobalt, nickel, iron ore, salt, copper, silica, timber, arable land, and petroleum.

Fact 9: According to the 2003 estimates, the irrigated land occupies an area of 8,700 square kilometers.

Fact 10: The population of Cuba is 11,075,244 according to the census in the year 2011. Cuba stands in 74th position in the world in population. The official language of the country is Spanish.

Fact 11: Among the ethnic groups, Caucasians occupy 65.1 percent, Negroes occupy 10.1 percent, and Mulattos and Mestizos occupy 24.8 percent of  thetotal population according to the 2002 census.

Fact 12: The percentage of people above 15 years of age who can read and write are considered as literates. The total literacy percentage in Cuba is 99.8. The percentages of male and female literates are 99.8 each. This estimate is according to the 2002 census.

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