Facts about Crayfish

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Crayfish which is also known as freshwater lobsters, crawfish, mudbugs or crawdads are predominantly freshwater crustaceans which looks more like small lobsters. The crayfish is a member of the Prastacoidea and Astacoida superfamily and are inhabitants of water bodies that do not freeze to the bottom. Cray fish feed on plants and living and dead aquatic animals.

Here are a few notable facts about Cray fish:

  • The Crayfish breathes through feather like gills and cannot tolerate polluted waters.

  • The study of Crayfish is known as Astacology.

  • The name Crayfish is derived from the old French word ‘œEscrevisse’.

  • The Crayfish meat is highly appreciated in Europe. While the first consumer of Crayfish meat is France, Norway ranks as the largest supplier of Crayfish meat in Europe. The Crayfish meat consumed from its claws and the abdomen is considered as a rare delicacy.

  • The Crayfish is endowed with a good eye sight compared to other animals of the related species and so they can move their eyes independently from one another.

  • The Crayfish generally molt (change their exoskeleton) during the end of the month of June. It is surprising but nevertheless true, that Crayfishes actually eat their old skeletons to recover their phosphate and calcium contents back into their body.

  • The Crayfish also has two limestone grains, which they gather by filtering the water and use its Calcium to impregnate their new forming skeletal body ever year.

  • The Adult size of the Crayfish generally reaches in 4 years when they breed in the wild and can live anywhere in-between 20 to 30 years if it is not devoured by predators.

  • During the breeding seasons, the male Crayfish fight for its right to copulate and often lose their legs or claws during these fights, but this is no problem for these fishes, as the amputee parts grows back slowly.

  • The sperm of the Crayfish is pretty unusual as the sperm is totally devoid of its tail (flagella) and often looks like an Amoeba which crawls towards the egg for fertilization.

  • The presence of Crayfish in any water body shows that the water is devoid of severe contaminations as the Crayfish clears the waters of carrion and detritus present in the water bodies.

  • Crayfishes are also used as an excellent bait which are good for attracting Largemouth bass, Pikes, Muskellunge and Channel catfish. For baiting purposes, the Crayfish is either sold alive or only with the tail meat. As Crayfishes are prone to falling off the hook, so while bating with Crayfish, one must cast it slow.

  • Crayfishes are also kept as pets inside fresh water aquariums.

  • While living as pets inside the aquarium Crayfishes prefer foods like shrimp pellets and several kinds of vegetables. However, Crayfishes also eat regular fish food, small fishes which they can hunt with their claws and algae wafers sold in the markets.

The disposition of the Crayfish, to eat anything and everything when kept inside the aquariums often cause them to even explore the edibility of the aquarium plants which possess a treat to its owners.

It has also been seen, that Crayfish often tries to climb out of the water tanks, especially if they are capable of finding an opening, on the top of the aquarium, through which they can fit through.

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