Facts about Christmas Trees

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To some the Christmas tree symbolizes commercialization, but to others it is a symbol of the one of the best times of the year, brining with it feelings of joy and giving. Here are some interesting facts about Christmas trees.

Fact 1: The people of Oslo, Norway have established an annual tradition dating back to 1947 with the country of England by giving the city of Westminster, England a Christmas tree as an expression of appreciation for their help in World War II.

Fact 2: Christmas trees have not always been evergreens, but cherry and hawthorns have been used in the past.

Fact 3: In the 1800’s, almost all Americans felled their own Christmas tree in a nearby forest while today only 2 percent are cut the old fashioned way; 98 percent are grown on farms.

Fact 4: Environmentalist president Teddy Roosevelt stopped the Christmas tradition of placing a tree in the White House as a statement against the ongoing deforestation by the lumber companies.

Fact 5: A newly cut Christmas tree brought home will require as much as one quart of water per day for the first week.

Fact 6: Christmas was another step closer to commercialization when, in 1851, Mark Carr opened the first Christmas tree retail lot in New York.

Fact 7: There are three varieties of Christmas evergreens: firs (Douglas, Balsam, and Frasier), pine (Scotch and White), and spruces (White, Blue, and Norway).

Fact 8: New York City was the site of the first Christmas tree decorated with electric light ‘“ in 1882 ‘“ at the home of an associate of Thomas Edison.

Fact 9: Christmas tree hooks for ornaments were first invented in 1892.

Fact 10: In the early 1900’s, the German-American community followed its tradition by using apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies to decorate their Christmas trees.

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