Facts about Christmas Lights

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What’s a Christmas tree without Christmas lights? Boring, that’s what. The best part of decorating a tree every year is when you can flip that switch and see the lights all-aglow. Here are some interesting facts about Christmas lights.

Fact 1: Edward Johnson, Thomas Edison’s assistant, was the mastermind of the electric lights for Christmas trees. He also hand-wired 80 red, white, and blue bulbs and wound them around his own Christmas tree.

Fact 2: The first strands of lights were strung around Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory in 1880.

Fact 3: President Grover Cleveland was the first president to request that the White House family tree by strung with hundreds of multi-colored electric bulbs in 1895.

Fact 4: In 1917, Albert Sadacca was the first person to suggest that his family produce and sell strands of Christmas lights to the general public. Only 100 strands of lights were sold the first year by Sadacca’s family. But, once they started painting the plain bulbs green, red, etc., the Christmas light strand sales went up sharply.

Fact 5: In 1923 President Calvin Coolidge started the Presidential tradition of having the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House.

Fact 6: LED Christmas Lights emit a brighter, more vibrant light that uses 80% less energy than more traditional Christmas lights. They are also designed to last for 50,000 to 200,000 hours, while incandescent Christmas lights are designed to last approximately 3,000 hours.

Fact 7: Decorating outside trees with Christmas lights was not adopted until the 1950s.

Fact 8: Since 2007, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center has been lit with 30,000 energy efficient LEDs, which are powered by solar panels.

Fact 9: The first magazine to advertise Christmas lights was Ladies Home Journal.

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