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FACT 1: Child abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, and child negligence.

FACT 2: Physical child abuse involves hitting, burning, biting, beating, or shaking the child. Emotional abuse includes; constantly yelling at the child, blaming the child often, and discouraging the child.

FACT 3: Sexual abuse includes exposing the child to sexual triggers that are not suitable for the age of the child, forcibly subjecting the child to sexual activity.

FACT 4: Neglecting the child involves not being able to provide the basic needs of the child like clothing, food, shelter, and healthcare. Neglecting also refers to the inability to provide emotional support to the child like friendliness, supervision, and responsiveness towards the child.

FACT 5: Child abuse can be prevented by extending a helping hand to the stressful parents by giving them some help in taking care of the child. Helping the parent or child in an emergency is saving them from distress.

FACT 6: The child abuse can be avoided by supporting programs like parent education, child safety, child care, and family counseling.

FACT 7: The children will be expected to behave in a more mature way than what they can in an abusive environment. Children will be controlled and punished for their behavior when they are too young and it is inappropriate for them to be punished.

FACT 8: The parents who abuse the child usually try to stop the child from doing what the child is not supposed to do. But the parents often forget to teach the child the right way of doing things and the proper behavior.

FACT 9: The parents and caretakers most often abuse children to vent their anger that was triggered due to some other reason. The parents will not understand that they are punishing the child for no reason in such cases.

FACT 10: It is possible for the abused children to think that they are not given any importance, their good behavior can no longer make others feel better, and they get either angry or depressed.

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