Facts About Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin is a famous British scientist that created the so-called theory of evolution.  This theory is something that has revolutionized the history of mankind making Charles Darwin a well-respected and revered scientist in the world.  For Charles Darwin, all living things are descendants of people in the past or ancestors that first inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.  With changes in time and the environment, these living things are said to have evolved in an orderly manner leading to the way things are in present times.  Aside from his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin has also other interesting features that make him one of the greatest scientists in history.  Here are some facts about Charles Darwin:

Fact 1:  Darwin initially wanted to be a doctor. Charles Darwin took up medicine at the Edinburg University but was not able to finish the course.  It was said that he didn’t like his experience with anatomy and he hated surgeries.

Fact 2:  Charles Darwin was fond of insects and minerals when he was young.  The young boy was already inclined to scientific investigations as he collected rock minerals and small insects during his childhood.  He would try to study these things closely and put his findings on record.

Fact 3:  His theory of evolution was inspired by the various animals he found during a scientific expedition with other Cambridge fellows.  Animals like iguanas, tortoises, and finches fascinated Darwin that they have similar characteristics but found in different areas.

Fact 4:  Charles Darwin married his first cousin.  Her name was Emma Wedgwood and she got married with Darwin back in 1839.  This was the time when Charles Darwin finished his scientific expedition and moved to London from Edinburg in Scotland.

Fact 5:  Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” book was successful and controversial as expected.  The theory of evolution and natural selection were considered a stark contrast with religious beliefs on creation.  This contrast ultimately led to the book’s success and eventual acceptance of some scientists across the globe.

Fact 6:  Charles Darwin did not create the phrase “Survival of the Fittest”.  Many people may have credited him for this phrase regarding his theory on natural selection but this was actually coined by Herbert Spencer who studied Darwin’s book and adapted the same idea to other areas in life.

Fact 7:  Charles Darwin was a sickly person.  The famous scientist had a strange illness back in his time that there are many instances that he couldn’t get out of bed for weeks despite consultation with 20 doctors.

Fact 8:  Every night is backgammon night for Charles Darwin. As a way to end his night and to relieve his symptoms from his strange illness, Charles Darwin would play backgammon with his wife Emma.

Fact 9:  A mountain in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is named after Charles Darwin.  As part of his birthday present, Captain Fitzroy named the highest peak in Tierra del Fuego after Darwin because of his involvement in the scientific voyage.

Fact 10:  Charles Darwin was a religious person. Before he completed the scientific voyage to various places like Brazil and the Galapagos Islands among many others, Darwin was known to have a strong religious background. It was even said that he shared Bible verses with some sailors during his scientific expedition.

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