Facts About CFL Bulbs

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‘œCFL’ stands for ‘œCompact Fluorescent Light Bulbs’ are the bulbs which are commonly used for the lamps inside our homes. This kind of bulb is made especially for the use of lamps.

Fact 1: There are different shapes for the bulbs that people can choose from to vary the design in their bulbs. Some of them are spiral, a-line, globe, indoor reflector, parabolic aluminized reflector, triple tube, and post bulbs. There are different lighting effects of the bulbs that will be suited to where people would want them to be used.

Fact 2: With the different shapes present, then there are also different types available for the everyday use of the people who want to buy the CFL bulbs. The types include: miniature candelabra, candelabra intermediate, GU24, and medium.

Fact 3: The spiral bulbs are best used in lamps because of their shape. They have the ability to lighten up even those corners where simple bulbs cannot illuminate.

Fact 4: The miniature candelabra is the type of bulb that is commonly used for chandeliers while the candelabra is also used for chandeliers, but it can be also used for smaller light sockets where it would fit perfectly.

Fact 5: Post bulbs are best used in lighting the outside of your home such as the doorway and the garage for it covers a wider area than any other shape of bulbs.

Fact 6: Triple tube bulbs are for the purposes of studying, and their ideal location is at a desk because the light that it gives is more focused in a certain area.

Fact 7: Parabolic aluminized reflector is the shape of the bulbs wherein it is best used for the outdoors and can be used as spotlights.

Fact 8: Globe bulbs are commonly used inside the bathroom.

Fact 9: Intermediate is a type of light bulb that is commonly used in ceiling fans, and its size is between the size of the candelabra and the medium.

Fact 10: Medium type of light bulbs are the most commonly used light bulbs in every house since they were designed to replace the standard light bulbs.

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