Facts about Central America

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Central America is part of the developing world the people who live in a developing world are said to be poor and have shorter life spans they also have higher rates of illiteracy and lack of good health care in the six countries of Central America it is also said there is economic diversity.

Here are ten facts about Central America.

Fact 1: Central America is made up of seven countries these are Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and Guatemala.

Fact 2: Out of the six countries Nicaragua is said to be the least developed because of the lack of infant development.

Fact 3: the Central America, countries, where first settled by the Spanish in the early fifteen hundreds and was part of the Spanish Colonial Empire until they gained independence in 1821.

Fact 4: the Central American countries, geographically has had an abundance of volcanos this has had a good effect on the soil and offers healthy growth of plants and minerals to the people of Central America.

Fact 5: the population of Central America is made up of four groups of people these include Mestizos which is a mixture of Spanish and native people and Africans, Europeans and Creoles.

Fact 6: one of the characteristics of Central American cooking is that they all use fresh meats and vegetables in their cooking.

Fact 7: the population of Central America is more than 557 million people.

Fact 8: the most dominate language in Central America is, Spanish is spoken in all but Belize where English is spoken.

Fact 9: the legal drinking age in Central America is 18- at this age you may buy and sell alcohol except for in Honduras, where you must be 21 to drink and 18 to buy alcohol.

Fact 10: internet access can be found all throughout Central America and is inexpensive to buy.

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