Facts about Cats

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Cats are loved by their owners. They are loved so much that cats are the most popular pet worldwide. They are excellent hunters, and each one has its own personality. Here are some interesting facts about our feline friends.

Fact 1: Genetic studies have discovered that domestic cats are descendants of African wildcats beginning in 8000 BC in the Middle East.

Fact 2: Cats are actually lactose intolerant meaning that they can’t digest milk well. Milk can cause diarrhea in cats.

Fact 3: Cats’ large slit shaped pupils allow them to see in near darkness. They only require about 15% of the light needed for human vision.

Fact 4: The cat has a strong jaw that is specialized for killing. When it catches its prey the cat bites the neck using its long canine teeth to cut the prey’s spinal cord resulting in paralysis and death.

Fact 5: When cats walk they step with their rear paw in the print of their front paw. This allows for more silent stalking.

Fact 6: Cats can withstand very high temperatures even up to 133° F (56° C).

Fact 7: Normally cats display crepuscular behavior. That is, they are most active in the morning and evening.

Fact 8: Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day. During sleep they display rapid eye movement (REM) type sleep and often twitch their limbs like humans. This means that cats probably can dream.

Fact 9: When cats bring home killed prey to humans they might be trying to teach their human owners how to hunt. Or they are trying to feed their owners.

Fact 10: When a cat’s tail is raised straight up this is a friendly gesture. When a cat’s ears are lowered or flattened this is a sign of aggression.

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