Facts About Bullfighting

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Bullfighting has always been considered as a sport and it all began in Spain around 711 A.D. Although it amused the people to a great extent, it does not appear to be a good system of amusement.

Fact 1 History Of Bullfighting

According to historians, the first event of bullfight took place when King Alfonso VIII was crowned king in Spain. Every year nearly a total of one million people watch bullfighting in Spain. In the beginning, people used to ride on horses as most of the aristocratic families owned horses and so bullfighting was basically meant for them. But King Felipe V did not support this sport and banned it. Later around 1724, the common people enjoyed bullfighting in their own way and in place of horses they dodged the bulls unarmed and barefooted.

Fact 2 The Game

The sport takes place in a ring. The bull that has been tortured tremendously for the two previous days furiously charges into the ring. There is actually 3 parts to this fight.

  1. A trumpet is sounded and the bull that has already been weakened physically and mentally as well is dragged into the ring by the assistants of the bullfighter known as Picadors. Then a bright magenta and yellow cape is waved in front of the bull instigating it to charge.
  2. The picadors who used to ride on horsebacks previously, cut into its muscles to weaken it with a pica which is 2 inches thick and about 6 to 8 inches long. This act goes on for nearly 10 minutes till the bull starts bleeding profusely.
  3. Then the final trumpet is blown that indicates the killing of the bull. It is mostly done by the matador himself aided by his assistants. All along the act, strange slow tunes are played that makes the environment portray how heinous the act is.

Fact 3 A Show Of Prowess And Strength

Bullfighting is more of a show where the picador dances with death. He must be quick in his feet for a single wrong move can result in his death. The bull too in his fury tries to plunge his horns into the attacker. The game has to be dramatically played to entertain the spectators and he has to show his strength and superiority over the beast. The winner‘s award consists of the tail and the hoof or the two ears of the bull.

Fact 4 Is The Bull Really Aggressive?

The bull that rushes into the ring is not a normal healthy bull. He is weakened and tormented before the fight so that he hardly has any real strength to fight back. He is half-blinded with Vaseline rubbed into his eyes; his ears are stuffed with wet newspapers and nostrils with cotton which weakens his breathing capacity. The strong caustic soda that is rubbed onto his legs makes his muscles weak and so he cannot hold him straight or run and falls down easily. The bull is not aggressive. But as he is kept in a dark room and drugged in order to slow him down, when he is released from this box he rushes towards the light thinking that he is free. Actually he goes into the ring to meet his death amidst an enthusiastic mob.

Fact 5 Bullfighting Is An Act Of Cruelty To Animals

Bullfighting is perhaps the worst kinds of sports that have been encouraged by humans. It is unbelievable to think that in today’s civilized world, people enjoy and cheer at such inhuman acts. There are indeed other ways of showing strength and valor. Then why torment a helpless animal?

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