Facts About Boxers

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Known for their loyalty and friendliness, Boxers are also often referred to as the “Peter Pan” among dogs thanks to their high levels of energy and playfulness. Originally a breed from Germany, today it is one of the most popular pets among families in the US; not to mention, more specifically among celebrities.

Fact 1:
With square jaws and a muscular build, Boxers have an imposing appearance; however, this can be deceptive as these dogs are greatly playful, adventurous and fun-loving. Their love for family goes to the extent of exchanging “drool-filled” kisses and their limitless energy can easily tire you out, if you are not equally athletic! If you are looking for a pet that would be one among the family, then this is the breed you need to look out for.

Fact 2:
Although Boxers have been used as trained dogs and watch-dogs, especially during World War II; they are not easy to train. They develop a close relationship with their masters or family and look forward to fun than strict order and discipline. Therefore, training them requires fun or play oriented techniques. Otherwise, what you get is a headstrong dog that refuses to comply!

Fact 3:
Boxers are considered to be of German origin. They were first created by cross-breeding English bulldogs with Bullenbeisser. The latter is a breed that is now extinct!

Fact 4:
Boxers are generally found in dark red, brindle, or fawn colors with or without white patches. Some boxers are also found to be all white. However, they are not albinos! All the same these are generally not preferred due to their high incidence of deafness!

Fact 5:
Boxers are affectionate and therefore considered great pets and watchdogs. However, their high energy levels mean, they are not ideal choices for families with very small children and smaller pets; and definitely not a good pet choice for the elderly!

Fact 6:
Boxers are considered one of the greatest “Houdini’s” among dogs; therefore, if you intend to keep them on leash or within restricted terrain, it would need a lot of planning and implementation! Otherwise, you would be a daily witness to their “escape” acts.

Fact 7:
Boxers are not designed for very hot or very cold weather. Their small noses don’t allow them to cool fast in hot weather and their short coats mean they have hardly any protection during cold winds. 72o to 74 o F is considered their ideal tolerance level. Therefore, this cannot be your pet if you intend to leave them outdoors for extended periods.

Fact 8:
Boxers are known for their “kidney bean” dance. This is a clear indication of their happy mood or excitement. It involves twisting their body into a semi-circular shape and then going around in circles! Jumping, somersaulting, and twisting are some other antiques they employ to express their happiness and to entertain their masters! A “woo-woo” sound is often associated with Boxers when they want to express their excitement and happiness.

Fact 9:
Some of the common health issues when it comes to Boxers are snoring, excessive gas, cancer, heart ailments, over-heating during hot climate, bloating, deafness, deficient thyroid hormone, and hip malformations. Progressive axonopathy was once considered a common problem among this breed; however, it is no longer so! It is a form of degenerative neurological disorder that affects the limbs, mostly starting with the hind legs.

Fact 10:
Although high on their fun quotient, Boxers are also known for their agility, courage, intelligence, and strength. Therefore, they are extensively used by the police force as well as in the army as search and rescue dogs, watch dogs, and for tracking.

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