Facts About Boxer Dogs

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Boxer dogs are popular dog breeds because of their playful nature. These dogs appear large and muscular and this is the very reason some people use them as guard dogs. Boxer dogs are also generally classified as working dogs because of their physical strength.

The following are 10 facts associated with boxer dogs:

Fact 1: Boxer dogs came from Germany. Their ancestors are of German origin and they are brought to American shores only after the First World War. These dogs were well known for their help to soldiers as companions, guards, and messengers.

Fact 2: It takes about 3 long years for boxer puppies to mature. This is typically a good thing for many dog lovers around the world. People that have them as pets typically like the fact they are puppies for at least 3 long years making them very playful and fun-loving companions.

Fact 3: Boxer dogs are very gentle and patient especially among children. These are the very reasons why many families love having boxer dogs as pets. Aside from their playful and fun nature, they are also known to be very playful and friendly to little kids. They like being with people a lot and typically enjoy the occasional rubbing and patting.

Fact 4: Boxers are considered clumsy and amusing dog breeds. Some people refer to them as “goofy” or the “Peter Pan” of dogs because of their fun-loving and spirited behavior. They particularly like to make amusing sounds and do unusual moves to the delight of their owners and masters.

Fact 5: Boxer dogs are originally bred from the German Bullenbeisser dog and the English bulldog. The characteristics of both breeds resulted to the appearance, behavior, and traits of the modern boxer dog.

Fact 6: Boxers need physical activity because of their muscular bodies and active nature. They are always full of energy and need regular exercise in the outdoors.

Fact 7: The basic instinct of boxer dogs is to become protective of their masters. This is the reason why many people use them as guard dogs. They may be very sociable and friendly when properly trained, but they can dislike strangers and perceive them as threats.

Fact 8: Boxer dogs are susceptible to developing heart ailments, bone disease, and skin problems. These lovable dogs are known to easily contract skin allergies and other conditions. In the case of their heart, cardiomyopathy and sub-aortic stenosis are common concerns for this particular dog breed. As for their bones, many boxer dogs are born with hip dysplasia wherein the thigh bone is not connected properly to the hips causing pain, extreme discomfort, and possible arthritis.

Fact 9: Early breeds of boxer dogs were used for various purposes like dog fighting and hunting among many others. Their muscular and strong bodies are also useful in the farm setup wherein they are assigned tasks such as pulling carts or rounding up livestock.

Fact 10: Boxer dogs were also used as circus performers in the past. With their very playful nature and limitless energy, these dogs are also well known for their agility and tricks.

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