Facts About Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier is a playful dog, always full of energy and makes for a great companion for humans.

Fact 1 History Of Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are not very big in size. However, they were usually reared as fighting dogs in early times because they are very conscious about their own territory and would attack anyone who invades it. Now, they are the cutest pets that you can have around in your homes. They are nicknamed as “American Gentleman”.

Fact 2 Description

Boston Terriers are small, study smart dogs that belong to the “Brachycephalic” class. They have muscular bodies, mostly weigh between 15 to 20 pounds, and are typically 12 to 17 inches tall when they stand up. You will never see a skinny Boston Terrier. They have broad faces with flat noses and the upper jaws are shorter in comparison to their bodies unlike the upper jaws. The coats are shiny and straight and have white markings that look like tuxedo patterns. The large ears stand straight while the large expressive eyes give them an added attraction to their good looks. The chest is quite broad and the neckline is slightly arched that together give these amazing dogs a strong, boxy look. The tail is short and suits these playful little creatures.

Fact 3 Nature And Temperament

Boston Terriers are extremely affectionate and lively. Sometimes they also land themselves in great trouble by plunging into muddy pools or even hot water due to their hyperactive nature. Soon you will have to forgive them when they look at you with those expressive big eyes. They love young kids the most and are friendly and caring towards the older people also. They are always up to some pranks that cause great amusement to householders. Sometimes they do become stubborn. However, that vanishes within a few minutes for it is a fun-loving and loyal pet. Boston Terriers love to snuggle in bed with their masters and show their love by licking you on the face.

They actually want to be treated like humans. They want a small area to sit on your couch, play with toys, and go out with you for walks especially with kids to the parks and playgrounds. They are great watchers and immediately alert the family members if an unknown person is around. They love to be among people and socialization helps them to grow up to be the most well behaved pet that you can ever have.

Fact 4 Taking Care Of Health

Boston Terriers are generally healthy little dogs except for the general problems that dogs are known to suffer. They cannot digest all kinds of foods. However, once you ascertain exactly what outside foods suit them they will be just fine. You need to give them a bath occasionally, supplementing it by rubbing or brushing to maintain their coats and control shedding. Boston Terriers are actually indoor dogs and although they love to play about, they should not be kept them in kennels outside the house even if it is your own courtyard. They cannot bear extreme temperatures and so the best way to maintain their health is to give them a cozy area inside the house where they can rest and sleep among their loved ones. Their eating habits depend largely on their size, activity level, and digestive power. A good quality dog-food takes care of their nourishment properly. They live for about 10 to 13 years.

Fact 5 Training Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are highly intelligent dogs and listen to almost anything that you say, but in a compassionate tone and are therefore easy to train. Speaking harshly with these pets create more trouble as they become arrogant and do not obey anyone.

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