Facts About Body Language

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Body Language is the one and only language understood by anyone at any place. Even if not understood accurately, this is one language using which one can manage to communicate even when they do not share a common verbal language. It is a language of signs which express thoughts, intentions or feelings through physical behaviours such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space etc. Not just human being, even animals have their own body language and is one of the most basic ways of animal to human or other animal communication.

Fact 1: Women are almost two times better in guessing the body language. This might be due to the reason that women are better observers. In a research where men and women were made to watch silent movies 87% of women were able to guess what was happening but only 42% of men were able to do so. Men with highly emotional jobs like nursing, teaching and acting and homosexual men were able to perform almost as good as women.

Fact 2: The meanings of some gestures are different in different cultures. In Italian culture broad dramatic hand and arm gestures are common ways of communicating. But in Japanese culture such broad movements are considered as aggressive and rude.

Fact 3: People become more serious as they age. On average an adult laughs 15 times a day and a child laughs 400 times. This might be the reason laughing is often considered as symbol of innocence and carefree nature.

Fact 4: A man/women suffering from Autism may not be able to decode the body language like others. Also, they may not be able to express using typical body language. They are usually trained by special school or their care takers in order to communicate with others using certain standard gestures.

Fact 5: According to body language experts, each person has his own requirement of space around him called ‘proxemics’. Size of this space differs from person to person. It depends on both personal and cultural experiences. When a person enters another’s bubble, it creates arousal. What kind of arousal? It depends on who enters the bubble.

Fact 6: Face Platter is a gesture used by women to attract men during courtship. One hand is placed above the other and the face is supported by it as if offering the face in a platter to admire. Hence, the name face platter.

Fact 7: It’s said that the feet are part of the body that tell the true story. During a normal conversation between two people, their feet will face each other. If one of them is pointing their feet away that means they are trying to escape from the situation or conversation for some reason.

Fact 8: Women have a wider ranging peripheral which means they can checkout a man from head to toe without being caught. But when men checkout women it becomes quite obvious since they have a poor peripheral vision they will have to gaze up and down.

Fact 9: Spreading one’s body loosely in a chair or sofa express comfort. However, when a serious issue is discussed slaying this way is sending out a sign of territorial dominance. Hence sometimes might be considered disrespectful when the gesture is displayed in front of higher authority.

Fact 10: Arms akimbo is a position where the hands are bent in angle less than ninety degree and placed on the waist or hip. It is gesture of dominance. When the thumbs are forwards it is lesser authoritarian than the thumbs backward in an akimbo.

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