Facts About Bob Marley

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Bob Marley was a famous Jamaican singer and musician. His real name was Nesta Robert Bob Marley. He was born on February 6th, 1945 while he died on May 11, 1981. He worked as a rhythm guitarist and lead singer for different bands. Here are some facts about Bob Marley:

Fact 1: When Bob was a kid, he was used to read people’s palms, and he was used to do it quite successfully. However, when he moved to the capital of Jamaica, he stopped reading palms.

Fact 2: Tuff Gong was the name of Bob’s recording label. Only a few people know that it was his nickname which was given to him in his childhood.

Fact 3:  At the age of 21 years, he worked at a Chrysler plant for the night shift. He used to drive a forklift as well. He also worked as a lab assistant, yet he was used to rehearsing for hours.

Fact 4: Bob’s first record was ‘œJudge Not.’ At that time he was working as a master welder in a tin shack. He was 17 years old at that time.

Fact 5: Bob played as a professional soccer player. He also used to play ping pong in his childhood.

Fact 6: Bob died of cancer when he was 36 years old. More than 40,000 people filed past his body which laid in the National Arena of Jamaica.

Fact 7: ‘œNo Women, No Cry’ is the famous lullaby which many mothers sing to their babies, but very few know that was a popular song to Bob.

Fact 8: Bob’s manager was his old friend who deceived Bob for a long time. That is the reason Bob was poor even after working hard for many years.

Fact 9: Bob got married to just one woman in his life who was a school teacher. The number of his children is unknown; many people say that there were nearly 20.

Fact 10: Bob Marley is called the King of Reggae, but no one knows the reason behind it.

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