Facts About Bloody Mary

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Mary Tudor was the first queen regent of England from 1553-1558. He gained the title “Bloody Mary” after her persecutions on the Protestants.


Fact 1:

Mary Tudor was born on Februaury 18, 1516 on a Monday at Greenwhich from parents Henry VIII ad Catherine Aragon she was baptized the following Wednesday .

Mary’s godparents were Katherine, Countess of Devon (Edward IV’s daughter and therefore Mary’s great-aunt), Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (who would become Mary’s governess and close friend), Agnes Howard, duchess of Norfolk and Thomas Wolsey, archbishop of York and Henry VIII’s leading minister .


Fact 2:

Mary was well educated at a young age. Her first tutor was Linacre who was a scholar and a physician. She was well versed in Latin, French, Italian and some Spanish and studied Greek, science and music.

Her mother was instrumental in the education of Mary where she herself was her daughter’s first teacher in Latin. Mary’s was skilled in the virginals and playing the flute.

Fact 3:

In 1522, her father Henry VIII arranged a marriage for Mary to the Holy Roman Emperor Carlos V. Carlos when she was six years old and will marry him when she will turn 12. However, Carlos broke off the engagement to marry Princess Isabella of Portugal .

Fact 4:

Mary tudor suffered from poor eyesight.  She was short sighted and and often sick with headache and sinus malady .

Fact 5:

In 1553, Mary Tudor was declared illegitimate as Henry VIII annulled his marriage to Catherine, Mary’s mother. She was demanded to declare her illegitimacy and give up her princess title. Her father remarried to Anne Boleyn and she bore him a daughter, Elizabeth. Mary became the servant to her half sister and was hated by Anne .


Fact 6:

Mary Tudor was 37 years old at the time of her reign with no heir to the throne, she was worried that her half sister, Elizabeth a Protestant will inherit the throne, she arranged to marry King Philip of Spain .

Fact 7:

Mary’s marriage to King Philip of Spain was not welcomed by many. The marriage resulted no heir, King Philip stayed mostly in the continent, England did not share in the monopolies of Spain in the New World and it’s alliance with Spain strained its relationship with France.


Fact 8:

When Mary Tudor first met her husband King Philip of Spain, they only conversed for half an hour in a private meeting where Philip spoke French and Mary replied in French as she lost her abilities to speak Spanish. They were married two days later at Winchester Cathedral.


Fact 9:  

Queen Mary’s death in November 17,1558  at the age of forty two surprised many. The cause was vague as some believed that she suffered from an ovarian cyst or a uterine cancer. Others believe that she died from influenza as the ailment was epidemic during the time she died. However, one thing was clear though, Mary suffered greatly between May to November 1558 before her death .


Fact 10:

Mother Goose Rhyme “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” has  dark meaning. The “Mary” mentioned in the rhyme was believed to be Mary Tudor the Bloody Mary who terrorized and persecuted the Protestants for defying the Catholic belief.  The rhyme portrays Mary Tudor’s unpopular attempt to bring back the Catholic faith to England .

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