Facts about Black People

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Blacks are ordinary people just like us. Yet their history is filled with struggle, wars and bloodshed which makes them somewhat different from us. Listed below are ten facts about blacks which will help you understand them better.

1) Level of Education:

The percentage of black youth present in public schools is 16 percent while 9 percent of black youth are present in private schools. Also, the employment rate for blacks who dropped out in high school is 63 percent. In comparison, the employment rate for whites who dropped out in high school is 74%.

2) Habitat of Blacks

In America, 78 percent of black habitats are found in the vicinity of a power plant which works by coal. By comparison, 56% of White Americans live near a coal-fired power plant. Due to this, the chances of Black Americans to suffer from asthma are increased by 20% than that of White Americans.

3) Hurricane Katrina

Blacks were the major targets of Hurricane Katrina an it reduced the black population in New Orleans by 57%.

4) Blacks in the Entertainment Industry:

The entertainment industry isn’t very fair to the black television writers. They are usually underrepresented by the entertainment industry. Racism also kicks in when it comes to showbiz award. Only  percent of the Oscars have been won by black actors since 1929.

5) Mortality Rate in Black Infants:

Statistics show that death rate for black infants who are 28 days old is twice than white infants of the same age.

6) Health Issues for Blacks:

Approximately 4 percent of African Americans adults suffer from psychological distress. Howbeit this ratio doubles for those blacks who are living below the poverty line.

7) How African Americans View the Judiciary System of America:

A mere 14 percent of African Americans showed confidence in the judicial system of America. Rest of them are convinced that their community is not treated fairly by police officers and the judiciary system of America is corrupt. On the other hand, 38 percent White Americans have shown confidence in the judicial system of America.

8) Black Americans’ Imprisonment Rate:

In America, Blacks make up almost 16 percent of juvenile arrests under the age of 18. Altogether, 32 percent of juvenile arrests in America are made for Blacks.

9) Unfair Treatment to Formerly Imprisoned Blacks:

Those African Americans who had been imprisoned during some part of their lives, their wages increase at 21 percent slower rate than Whites who had been subjected to imprisonment during some part of their lives.

10) Charges of Drug Abuse Violations:

32% of blacks are subjected to drug abuse violations in America. Surprisingly, only 10 percent of Blacks over the age of 12 use drugs. This contrast in numbers is a testimonial to the unfair treatment blacks are subjected to.

11) Unemployment Rate for African Americans:

The unemployment rate for White Americans, having a four-year college degree is4.5 percent. On the other hand, almost double the no. of African Americans who have a college degree remain unemployed; i.e. 8 percent.

12) Economic Crisis and its Effect on African Americans:

Statistics reveal that the recession period affected blacks the most. The current mean income of a typical black household is 16.8 percent lesser than recession peak of pre-2001.

13) Political Involvement of Blacks in America:

Only 8 percent of African Americans are a part of state legislators throughout the nation. This is the same percentage since 1992. At that time 7 percent of Blacks were a part of the state legislators. The increase in numbers is very minimal.

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