Facts About Birth Control

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The art of contraception has been around since ancient times from Queen Anne’s lace to condoms made from animal intestines, to woo,l cervical caps.

Fact 1. More than 99% of women between the ages of 15 and 44 who are sexually active have used birth control devices.

Fact 2.   Around 58% of women use the birth control pill for purposes other than the prevention of pregnancy. This  includes managing endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and other medical conditions.

Fact 3.    Presently, 65% of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are of the opinion that employer health care coverage should include contraception at no cost.

Fact 4. The reason birth control was included as preventive health care was based on the recommendation from the nonpartisan Institute of Medicine (IOM) due to the belief it was fundamental to women’s preventive healthcare.

Fact 5.  Prescriptions contraceptives are used by women, and a failure to provide coverage for such drugs violates the Civil Rights Act as it is considered a discriminating act against women.

Fact 6.  Studies in Israel have found that the risk of blood clots is 40% higher for women who are on birth control medication containing Drospirenone.

Fact 7. In Arizona, Bill 2625  aims to grant employers the right to refuse birth control coverage based on religion.  Employers who do not believe in the use of birth control can refuse to supply insurance coverage.

Fact 8.  New research has identified a small molecule compound that inhibits sperm production. This could lead to the first, non-hormona,l male contraceptive since the introduction of the condom.

Fact 9.  The risk of a heart attack is very low for women who take a low dosage of hormonal contraceptives but the risk increases with age.

Fact 10. Birth control pills pose a greater risk for an unplanned pregnancy as compared to other means such as intrauterine devices or implants.

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