Facts About Best Friends Day

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Best Friends Day in the US is celebrated every June 8th. Dubbed as National Best Friends Day, this particular day is a time for celebrating among good friends at home, at school, or in the office. People of all ages who have so-called best friends can celebrate this day however they want it. Some celebrate with the usual holidays like dining out, having parties, or giving gifts. Below are some facts associated with Best Friends Day.

Fact 1: Best Friends Day is actually not an official holiday in the US. Many people simply know that June 8 the supposed special day for best buddies and friends but no agency or organization officially declares June 8 as National Best Friends Day.

Fact 2: With no official declaration, Best Friends Day also does not have an actual origin or history. Some people may search the internet about Best Friends Day for several hours but no website gives the official origin of this so-called holiday for best friends.

Fact 3: The unofficial purpose of Best Friends Day is for thanksgiving for the good friends people have. This particular holiday may not have an actual origin or official declaration but it still is celebrated by many people through thanksgiving.

Fact 4: Best Friends Day became a trending topic in Twitter. Its recent celebration on June 8 of 2015 has made the topic #NationalBestFriendDay a popular topic in Twitter world. People from various parts of the US talked about this un-official holiday in the US.

Fact 5: Celebrities helped to make Best Friends Day popular in the US. Many people still do not know that June 8 is National Best Friends Day in the US, but celebrities who celebrated this day and made online posts helped create awareness about this special day.

Fact 6: TV stations from across the US also celebrated National Best Friends Day. Various shows in broadcast television had their share of greetings and thanksgiving to friends and colleagues which made even more people aware of this day.

Fact 7: National Best Friends Day is only one of many lesser-known holidays around the world. Many people celebrate various holidays because somebody else says so. Some holidays for example are only celebrated because such a holiday is highlighted on TV or promoted in various shopping malls. In the case of Best Friends Day, the online community is the source of its popularity.

Fact 8: National Best Friends Day in the US does not coincide with the official International Day of Friendship. The latter holiday is officially declared by the United Nations to be celebrated every July 30th of each year while the US holiday counterpart is celebrated every June 8th.

Fact 9: Best Friends Day in the US also differs from International Day of Friends in terms of observance. The rest of the world is encouraged to do serious activities that promote reconciliation and solidarity among others while people in the US have a simple celebration that involves greetings, gift-giving and parties.

Fact 10: Many people believe that Best Friends Day is simply an online hoax. With its popularity in social media sites and no known origin and history, many people dismiss this un-official holiday as a hoax that simply flooded the internet with posts and tweets.

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