Facts about Berlin

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1. Compared to Venice, Berlin has more Bridges

There are about 1700 bridges in Berlin, a number that is much higher than the bridges in Venice. The city has over 180 kilometers of waterways and boat trips are a great means of exploring Berlin. Berlin is also home to East Side Gallery, an open air gallery that covers 1.3 kilometers of the Berlin Wall, making it the longest in the world. This long open air gallery holds 101 images painted by artists drawn from 21 countries.

 2. Home to Germany’s Tallest Structure

The Berlin TV tower, called the Berliner Fernsehturm in German, stands 368 meters high at the center of Berlin. This structure is among the largest constructions found in Europe. The structure has a panoramic 207 meter viewing floor that offers viewers a great 360 degree view of Berlin City and attracts close to 1.2 million tourists each year.

 3. Home to the Most Zoo Animals in the entire Europe

Berlin hosts two major zoos namely the Zoologischer Garten to the west and the Tierpark in Friedrichsfelde to the east. Zoologischer Garten zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany having been established over 150 years ago. Tierpark zoo in Friedrichsfelde is the zoo with the largest number of zoo animals in the whole world.

 4. Home to 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites

Berlin is among the few cities across the globe with this accolade. The Museum Island, the Parks and Palaces of Potsdam and its Modernism Housing Estates comprise the three UNESCO heritage sites found in Berlin.

 5. The Greenest City in Germany

An estimated 44 percent of Berlin’s land space comprises recreational areas, parks, rivers and woods. There are 2,500 public parks and spaces in Berlin that contrast the city’s array of cultural and museum attractions with a relaxing green atmosphere.

 6. Home to 3 Opera Houses

Berlin has three Opera Houses namely Deutsche Oper Berlin, Komische Oper Berlin and Berliner Staatsoper. This makes it the single city across the world that hosts 3 active opera houses. Berlin also hosts the international beer festival that takes place over a 3-day period. Over 300 breweries provide 2,000 kinds of beer. Berlin holds a record of hosting a 2.2 kilometer beer garden, the longest in the world.

 7. More Museums than the City’s Rainy Days

Berlin has 180 museums compared to the City’s annual106 rainy days. These museums attract an estimated 15 million tourists each year. The largest universal museum in the world, Museumsinsel or Museum Island, is found in Berlin. This museum features an ensemble of 5 famous museums.

 8. The Largest Tax Free Shop in Europe

Berlin hosts the largest department store called KaDeWe in the entire continental Europe. The 60,000 square meter space in this department store hosts Europe’s biggest food department and selling space for home-ware and fashion products.
9. Berlin’s Population

Berlin has a population of about 3 million people. 30 percent of these people are immigrants with about 13.5 percent being foreign nationals. Berlin’s migration history dates back to 1685 when it welcomed numerous French protestant refugees called Huguenots. The largest Turkish immigrants are found in a place called Neukölln, south of the city.

 10. The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a landmark historical site in Berlin City. Officially called the “Antifaschistischer Schutzwall”, which means anti-fascist protection wall, the Berlin wall measured 155km in length and stood between 1961 and 1989. The wall had 302 watchtowers and protected East German residents against West German citizens who were not de-Nazified fully. Before 1961, an estimated 3.5 million East Germans, comprising 20% of the entire German population at the time, had fled West Germany.

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