Facts About Beethoven

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Music composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in  Bonn, Germany on December 17, 1770. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest composers, Beethoven is still remembered today for creating some of the most innovative sonatas, symphonies, concertos, and quartets.

Fact 1. One of Beethoven’s greatest quotes reflecting his belief that he was sent and inspired by God is ‘œMusic is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.’

Fact 2.  Beethoven is regarded as having transformed music from the 18th century classics to the Romantic Era. His vision, idealism, and determination are considered  inspirational.

Fact 3.  Beethoven was of Dutch descent. His grandfather was a choir director in Louvain.  However, Beethoven romanticized his name by saying that the ‘œvan’ in his name was due to his being the love child of Friedrich Wilhelm, II.

Fact 4.  Beethoven’s first published work was ‘œNine Variations’ composed when he was 12 years of age.

Fact 5.  In 1795, Beethoven made his first appearance in Vienna from which his reputation as a pianist and composer took off rapidly.

Fact 6. Beethoven suffered from deafness around the age of 26, the source of which was reportedly from syphilis as a contributing factor.

Fact 7. Beethoven wrote music compositions one after another. This included the ‘œFifth Piano Concerto (The Emperor),’ ‘œSymphonies No.7 and 8,’ and the ‘œLes Adieux Piano Sonata.’

Fact 8.  When the Berlin Wall fell on December 25th , 1989,  the music included Beethoven’s 9th symphony (‘œOde to Joy’) with the word ‘œjoy’ changed to ‘œfreedom’ in the lyrics.

Fact 9.  Beethoven’s compositions included: ‘œSymphony No. 9,’ ‘œChoral, Piano Concerto No.5,’ Emperor late string quartets, piano sonatas, ‘œSymphony No. 5,’ ‘œFidelio,’ violin concerto, ‘œSymphony No. 3,’ ‘œEroica,’  ‘œMissa Solemnis,’ and ‘œPiano Concerto No. 4.’

Fact 10. Beethoven’s musical compositions are comparable to Shakespeare’s plays in terms of human accomplishment.  The fact that Beethoven displayed his remarkable talent whilst deaf is an exemplary feat of his creative genius. At his deathbed, his final words were ‘œPlaudite, amici, comoedia finite est,’ or ‘œApplaud friends, the comedy is over.’

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