Facts About Bees

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Fact 1: A bee is an insect having four wings and a stinger. Bees exist as 12,000 species while 600 species approximately are socially available. The socialized bee population includes the Bumble bee and the Honey bee.

Fact 2: The shape of the Bumble bee is round and has fur. It moves very slowly. The Honey bee moves faster as its body is organized properly.

Fact 3:  Since 150 million years ago, bees have been known to produce honey. By repeated regurgitation and dehydration of nectar, bees create honey. The honey is used by them during the winter for their food purposes when nectar is not available.

Fact 4: Bees will be more aggressive during windy and cloudy days when they are not able to retrieve any nectar or pollen. If anyone is allergic to bee stings, then the stings might be fatal to them.

Fact 5: Bees will have five eyes where three of them are simple and two are large, compound eyes. The movement separated by 1/300th of one second can be identified by the bees while humans can identify the movement separated by 1/50th of one second.

Fact 6: The color red is not perceived by bees while they can identify ultraviolet colors.

Fact 7: The crop plants and other important plants are fertilized by bees. The bees will carry the pollen from the male component to the female component of the flower when they are searching for pollen and nectar.

Fact 8: Usually, the bees exist in colonies comprising 20,000 to 80,000 bees. A single colony consists of workers, a queen, and drones. The majority of the bees in the colony are worker bees.

Fact 9: Worker bees are not developed sexually while they have come from fertilized eggs. The worker bees build the hive, repair it, produce honey or wax, search for pollen and nectar, protect the hive from enemies, and feed the larvae and the queen.

Fact 10: Drones are developed from unfertilized eggs and are male bees. They mate with the queen bee. The workers will select larvae to be grown as a new queen. These larvae are larger than the worker larvae.

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