Facts About Batman

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Batman is one of the most interesting characters among the superheroes. He is very popular among both kids and adults who are fond of action. He is an amazing concept that has occupied a great place in history. Although this looks have changed over the years he still stands out among the other comic heroes of all times.

Fact 1 Batman’s Childhood

According to the comics published in 1939, Batman whose real name is Bruce Wayne is the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his mother is Martha. They were a wealthy and charitable family of Gotham City. Bruce lived with his parents in Wayne Manor and enjoyed a privileged lifestyle. But things changed when he was eight years old. His parents were killed by a criminal named Joe Chill when they were returning home from a movie theater. Bruce could not take the sudden death of his parents and promised to get rid of such criminals from the city. He trains himself physically as well as intellectually and decides to fulfill his ends in the disguise of a creature of the dark terrible night – the Batman.

Fact 2 His first appearance

Batman first appeared in May 1939 issue of comic book Detective Comics published by DC Comics. He is also known by two other names namely Caped Crusader and Dark Knight. He operates in Gotham City and when he first appears during the Golden Age, he has already started his operations as a crime fighter. His intention was not only to avenge his parents’ death but also to restore justice.

Fact 3 Batman’s Partners

Batman is not alone. He has a team of assistants that include his sidekick partner Robin, occasionally the heroine Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth who was his butler and supporter and the police commissioner Jim Gordon. Batman gained more popularity when his own comic book entitled Batman was published in 1940. Although interpretations changed over time, the superhero occupies the heart of every kid.

Fact 4 What are Batman’s Powers?

Batman is no doubt a superhero but he does not have any super human powers. When he was in Bhutan, he joined a team of vigilante named League of Shadows. Here he trained himself in martial arts. He uses his keen intellect, physical strength, wealth and his intense urge to fight against crime to overpower his enemies. He uses high-tech gear that is especially designed and he mostly stores it under his belt. He has a grapple gun for climbing, bat darts and boomerangs that are shaped like a bat and goggles that enable him to see in the dark.

Fact 5 Batman’s extra gears

Batman wears a special costume when he is on his missions. The costume is made of a metal-like material that acts as armor. His cape spreads out like the wings of a bat which he uses to glide through the air and alight safely from a height. He uses an assortment of super vehicles. The Bat-mobile is a gadget-loaded car that aids in catching culprits and rogues. He also has a bat-plane, bat-cycle and bat-boat.

Fact 6 Batman’s Enemies

The world is full of rogues and Batman has decided free the country of evil men. He has to fight various types of villains who are often referred to as Batman’s “rogues’ gallery”. The villains included in this list are the Joker who is his arch enemy, the Penguin who is the mastermind of all crimes and possesses certain special powers, Bane, Scarecrow, Ras Al Ghul, Two Face, Cat woman, Poison Ivy and Riddler.

Batman, the Superhero is the ideal of many kids but they should be careful not to try out his special feats as you do not have his gears, right?

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