Facts About Barbie

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There is hardly any girl in the entire world who does not know about Barbie – the elegant doll of all times. It was launched in 1959 and ever since its inception, it has gained great popularity and till today it is one of the most favorite toys for little girls.

Fact 1 Who Is Barbie?

Barbie is actually a fashionable doll with attractive looks and slim features. It is manufactured by Mattel.Inc., an American toy company. This unique doll was created by Ruth Handler who is an American businesswoman and one of the founders of the well known toy company Mattel. It is believed that she was inspired by Bild Lilli, a German doll. The cute plastic doll was however named after her daughter, Barbara. It was first seen at the American International Toy Fair on the 9th of March 1959 in New York. Here the first Barbie doll was priced at $3.00 which today is equal to $23.97.

Fact 2 Barbie’s Original Name

The petite doll’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In the 1960s Random House published a series of novels from where her father and mother’s names were known to be George Roberts and Margaret Roberts. They belonged to the fictional town called Willows, Wisconsin.

Fact 3 Details About Barbie

In the beginning, Barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan and her clothes were intricately hand-stitched by Japanese tailors. Great care is taken to stitch her attires to make them unique and flawless. Barbie doll was initially brunette or blonde. Barbie has been depicted as a teenage girl of seventeen years from the very beginning and she was a Fashion Model. She is decked up in gorgeous modern designer clothes and make-up. The most common color used for her eye-shadow is brown. As with all other toys, as years passed by, Barbie’s craze grew even more and other characters namely known to be her siblings were introduced. They were Kelly, Stacie, Skipper, Chelsea, Tutti, Krissy and Todd.

Fact 4 Barbie In Various Looks

In 2009 the 50th anniversary of Barbie was celebrated amidst much grandeur and gaiety in New York. Well known fashion couturiers took part in the celebration along with a runway show of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Barbie came to the stores each time with a new look, new hair and new attires. The 1992 Totally Hair Barbie of 1992 is the best-seller till today. The other figures that are available are Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls, Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls, Fashion Queen Barbie, Barbie Swirl Ponytail, Miss Barbie, American Girl Barbie, Color Magic Barbie, Vintage Midge and many others. Every doll is just wonderful and attractive and absolutely irresistible.

Fact 5 Innumerable Careers Of Barbie

Barbie is not only a simple doll to play with by kids. She has per unique personality and during her lifetime has pursued various careers. She never wished to follow just one vocation and so sometimes she was a school teacher of the elementary of junior classes, a smart business executive, she had worked as a cashier too at McDonalds. She was a doctor which is a natural career that most children wish to follow and being the role model of kids, Barbie also takes up the profession of a doctor. She was also an astronaut and also a rapper.

Fact 6 Barbie’s Pets

Barbie is like a regular human who loves to keep pets at home and take care of them. She had a horse as her first pet. Then she kept 50 other types of pets that included 21 dogs, a chimpanzee, a parrot, 6 cats, a panda, a giraffe, a chimpanzee, a zebra and also a lion cub.

Fact 7 Barbie Syndrome

When girls wish to imitate Barbie’s physical appearance and her lifestyle it is termed as Barbie Syndrome. However, nutritionists are opposed to the lean figure of Barbie as it does not conform to a healthy figure.

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